Building trust with a digital platform, driven by real people

It is clear to us at Twill that in today’s world of online shopping, online banking, online socializing, and online everything, a digital platform is a requirement in most industries across the world – as people continue to spend more time than ever online.

While it had a reputation for being a slow starter in the digital space, the shipping industry is really starting to embrace digital technologies more and more – which is why we’re here! Other industries from travel to logistics are joining in embracing technology too.

But with all this technology there comes a question of trust – and trust in technology, big or small, is set to be the next battle that companies and society have to face.

A digital platform isn’t enough on its own

At Twill, we are constantly improving and adjusting our online platform to better suit our customers’ needs and expectations – but that’s just the start of our work. With a good digital platform customers can book and track their valuable cargo with ease, no matter the time of day.  But we understand that on its own, a good platform isn’t enough.

In order to build trust, those buttons you click on a website need to be backed up with real life experience; real life people who know what to do to get your cargo delivered. Unlike many of our competitors, at Twill we’re not only a group of developers writing code (although we’re that too!) – we’re also shipping and freight forwarding experts.

We’ve been in the industry for over a century, if you look back at our history as A.P Moller Maersk. Just in our management team alone, we have over 30 years of experience in the shipping and freight forwarding industry…and with an average age of 35, you can say it’s in our DNA. Having this substance of experience, as well as a simple, slick and easy-to-use platform is important to us.

Trust in your provider should be a priority

An online platform is only as trustworthy as the people behind the scenes and customers understand this. At Twill, you’re not dependent on the fancy buttons that you can see on our platform, you’re dependent on Cathy from the USA or Marco from Mexico.

Just like the rest of our customer care team members, they come from the freight forwarding industry and have been dealing with cargo like yours well before online platforms made an appearance in our industry.

In the online world, it’s not always the case that what you see is what you get – but with your cargo, and your business, it’s imperative that you find a freight forwarding partner that you can trust. In Twill, it doesn’t matter what happens in the online world, you can rest assured that behind every URL and every piece of code lies a freight forwarding expert, ready to assist you.

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