Business Development & Twill: A Thriving Partnership

Start-ups (like Twill) face many challenges as they establish themselves in the world. One of the biggest is having to build a reputation from the ground-up, as well as growing and expanding as you go. There are a lot of challenges this can present, especially in terms of maintaining quality and sustainability for customers.

This makes the role of business development at Twill really important. In this week’s blog, Paul Iles, Business Development Manager at Twill, spoke about the relationship between Business Development and our digital platform:

“My job is very much customer-facing. It’s my job to promote our platform and the service we provide – this involves researching and developing new business, as well as cultivating existing business. It’s important, as a member of the business development team, that I’m aware of the market we work in and know how we can be more competitive each day, month and year.

“An innovative digital platform like Twill presents its challenges – it is disruptive after all! When I first started working at Twill I felt like I knew the structure of a sales call/meeting inside and out – I have been working in the freight forwarding and logistics industry for 30 years. But Twill really pushed me onto a new level – there was now a platform to demonstrate to clients and get immediate feedback on; it has changed the whole dynamic of sales meetings for the better.

“One of the ways it’s done this is that when I’m in a sales meeting and talking with a potential customer, I can actually take a step back and let the platform do the talking through a demonstration. With the spotlight off me, I can gauge how the customer is reacting to Twill and that lets me know how the meeting is going. It can also help in gaining information more naturally from the customer – rather than feeling like I’m conducting an interview.

“Overall it has generally breathed new life into sales meetings and existing relationships with customers that may have been approached via our relationship with Damco. We build relationships with customers in order to get business; but when you meet with the same people each time it can become a stalemate and everyone gets comfortable. Twill has disrupted that and in that way it is moving us ahead of the competition from a business development perspective – as well as its digital innovation.

“I think there is a strong relationship between what Twill has brought to our business development and what our business development is bringing to Twill. There will always be a need for some human element in our industry and in the business development team we can help make the transition to a digital future smooth for our customers. On the other side, Twill is breaking new ground – it has made freight forwarding exciting again.

“I’ve been involved in freight forwarding for many years, in almost every aspect of the industry, and I can see that Twill is legitimising freight forwarding and making it more sophisticated. People are realising now that it is not just a non-essential part of their business – but a key fixture. Twill has been crucial in that realisation and I’m proud to be a part of the team!”

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