Collaborating with customers to build a better platform

At Twill we believe in staying true to a mantra of agile working and improving on our product, based on what we learn from our customers as well as living our leadership principle of ‘doing a few things really well’. In that spirit it is critical to assess what we have built in our platform, how it is helping our customers, and how we are bringing their suggestions and comments into its development and improvement.

We can do this daily by simply looking at how much the features of our platform are being used; but when we want to get a more detailed or nuanced opinion, we talk to our customers directly.

I want to use this blog to share the value our customers have seen from using Twill as their digital freight forwarder:

Track & Trace – Including ‘Cargo Ready Date’ transparency

The tracking and tracing of your freight might seem like a simple feature – and something everybody must excel in in 2018 – but it’s not quite that simple! We work very hard on ensuring that we always show accurate track and trace information to our customers, with a focus on ensuring correct information on when cargo is delivered. This is appreciated by our customers because it gives them peace of mind and the ability to focus on servicing (and informing) their customers.

All documents and invoices in one tool – centralised paperwork

When we started Twill, every customer we spoke to mentioned that document handling is a nightmare. It is cumbersome and error-prone.

We have designed a simple solution for ensuring that documents are uploaded in time, time-stamped and stored even after the shipment is complete. It’s a simple solution for a big problem – and something our customers give us really good feedback on. Document handling is a big topic in our industry, and with the input from our customers, we see great potential for creating really simple-to-use and innovative solutions for the future. One step at the time.

Large volume management

Another feature that our customers have told us is adding great value is being able to manage a large number of shipments on the Twill platform. This includes (but is not limited to) having the ability to select which suppliers can make bookings on your behalf, sort your shipments on parameters such as supplier, trade-lane and arrival date, plus a simple overview of a large number of shipments.

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t originally design this feature considering the need to handle a large number of shipments. However, we learned that it was being used more and more and we started getting good improvement feedback on this feature. So we spent a bit more energy on developing an overview and it has now grown into something customers with larger volumes say is really useful. That’s a great example of something we are really happy to learn, but also something we feel we can still make even better for our customers.

Our customers matter

There is nothing better than getting customer feedback on Twill – both praise and improvement areas. We have spent a lot of time and thinking on developing the platform to get what you see today, and having our customers taking time to tell us how we can make it even better is quite unique.

So we encourage all Twill users to always give us feedback. Your feedback can really make the difference – and sometimes even make our day!

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