One Year On: Disrupting logistics and keeping it simple

In April, it will be one year since Twill’s launch at Multimodal 2017 in Birmingham, UK. We have been working to disrupt logistics ever since, with our digital freight forwarding platform.

It is amazing to realize how far we have come. We are now serving customers in UK, Spain, Poland and Czech and very soon we will be opened in USA and Mexico. Our customers are importing from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

We are also being mentioned in several publications as a key player in the digitalization of freight forwarding. For example, last week, McKinsey & Co – a global consulting firm – highlighted our potential to disrupt Air Freight before we even launch that service. This is just the beginning and in this year alone we will be able to serve many more customers around the World with a complete offer.

Twill is for everyone

Looking back, it is interesting to realize that we haven’t always being right. For example, when we started we made a set a number of hypothesis, some were proven and some were not.

One hypothesis that didn’t prove right is that we were expecting tech-savvy customers to be the first ones to adopt Twill. In reality, while a basic level of proficiency is needed, if you can buy anything online, you can book your shipping with us – there is no need to be tech savvy to use Twill. Our customers cover a wide spectrum of age, experience and interests.

Why? And how do we do it?

Twill is for everyone because we are working our very best all the time to make shipping with Twill as simple as possible for you, that’s why we exist. We listen to our customers. Daily, someone in Twill is talking to a customer somewhere in the World. These interactions can be planned interviews, calls or notes via our platform. Your requests, recommendations and experiences get forwarded to our Product and Tech teams that make sure they are prioritized and executed at the right time.

So what customers are the best fit for Twill?

The customers that benefit the most from Twill are those that want to be in control of their shipments without having the hassle to create and maintain a spiderweb of trackers, calls and emails with multiple parties.

We will continue our journey keeping always in mind our end goal – disrupting logistics and making shipping simple for our customers.

-Juan Cajiao; Twill Head of Growth

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