From A to B – just how do we do it?

Getting your cargo from A to B is what we do here at Twill, thanks to our organizational structure. But as they say: it’s often easier said than done!

Getting your valuable goods from one side of the world to the other takes coordination, speed, proactivity and about a hundred smaller steps (coordinating with about as many parties). Luckily, we have a customer care team whose sole job is to ensure all those things happen!

The first step

The process starts with our customers describing their needs to us, and from there we take care of the rest. We even coordinate with your suppliers directly to ensure they are also informed of their roles in ensuring the process is cared for end to end.

When picking a freight forwarder, you’re entrusting a partner with your business. At Twill, we know that, and our organizational structure means that we have the expertise to help you with this journey. Some of the key aspects of the process may be invisible to you, but you can rest assured they are covered in Twill.

Twill plays the coordinating role

One important part of the process is choosing the right vessel for our customers’ needs and taking care of the origin activities for you. Depending on your transit needs, the type of cargo you need, or negotiating the best price, you can trust Twill has got you covered.

This can be tricky, but due to our partnership with Damco – a reputable and global freight forwarder – we know exactly what it takes.

We coordinate with carriers, customs agents, and origin locations to get you what you need.  Whether it’s selecting the right bill of lading or helping ensure you get space on a carrier, we take care of the steps with all parties involved, and you only have to contact one of us!

A streamlined process

If you know the world of freight forwarding well, these steps aren’t new to you and we can help streamline them all within one, easy to use platform. And if you’re unsure of the full process, again you can rest easy knowing we won’t let any critical step be missed.

And once we’ve gotten your cargo from A to B, we’re still not satisfied until we hear from you on your experience. Our favourite step with any booking is hearing directly from you on what went well and if there is more we can do.

Keep following our blog and you’ll see more details about these key process steps over the coming weeks!

-Barbara Peric, Twill Head of Operations

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