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Getting your head around customs clearance

Twill was established with a simple vision – to break down the barriers in logistics and make shipping simple for those who need it; particularly SMEs.

Smaller businesses make up 95% of all companies, and yet often struggle to access global markets. This is for a few reasons – one of which is understanding the processes that go into getting your cargo around the world.

Among this process is Customs Clearance – often one of the most daunting parts of international freight. So, what does it involve and how do we, at Twill, use our services to help customers?

Getting clear on customs clearance

Essentially, customs clearance involves the preparation and submission of documentation that is required to export or import your goods into or out of a country. Some of the documents you might encounter include:

Export – Purchase order, sales invoice, packing list, shipping bill, bill of lading, certificate of origin – and any other documents specified or required by a country’s regulations.

Import – Purchase order, sales invoice of a supplier, bill of entry, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin – and any other documents specified or required by a country’s regulations.

As you can see, there are quite a few documents to consider! While there is some crossover between export and import, there are also different rules, regulations and laws from country to country – and even from port to port within a country.

Containers are warehoused as they go through customs clearance – and storage fees can add up quickly. That means getting your cargo through the process smoothly is important not just to ensure its timely arrival – but also so that you don’t incur any unnecessary costs!

Stay on top with Twill

Asking a business owner to keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations for every country and port is a lot – and that’s why we have customs brokers.

Customs brokers are specialists whose job is to stay on top of the latest updates to laws and regulations in international freight. They ensure your cargo doesn’t spend more time than is needed in a warehouse.

At Twill, we have a network of licensed customs brokers ready to do this work, so you don’t have to! When booking with us, you get a personalised customs clearance service tailor-made to meet the needs of your cargo.

Whatever aspect of the process you require – we’re here to reduce delays in the supply chain and save you money.

Explore our customs clearance services on our website today – and sign up to start shipping!

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