How Twill can help end your lengthy email chains

The era of emails is coming to an end! Well maybe not completely, but there are certainly more innovations and products out there that are aiming to make communication more seamless and far more productive. At Twill, we think if there’s one industry that has perhaps become a little too dependent on emails, it’s almost certainly the transportation industry.

In our industry companies are required to navigate complex supply chains that include a wide variety of stakeholders like ocean carriers, truckers and government agencies; while also attempting to meet the ever-demanding visibility needs of their customers – all through, you guessed it, emails.

If you work in this industry then I’m sure this resonates with you. Either you’re frustrated by the amount of emails you wake up to in the morning, or you’re left flat footed by the lack of information when you need it most. After all, your freight is constantly moving, why should the information stop flowing?

There must be a better way, right? Well that’s where Twill could help you. Our digital freight forwarder aims to solve 4 basic pain points that are responsible for 80% of your unnecessary emails. Could it be that simple? We think so! Let me explain:

Avoid errors and misinformation

The start of a shipment process should be one of the simplest steps. You should be able to send some basic information over to your logistics provider and get a confirmation of receipt the very same day. But that rarely happens. With email being your primary medium, you are bound by office working hours, data input errors, missing information and customer service unresponsiveness that all have one common effect, producing more emails.

24/7 access; with a human touch

Twill allows you to log into a system at any time of the day or night, follow 7 easy steps, and have your booking confirmed to you instantly. Most importantly, during this process, the personal touch that everyone craves remains intact. All customers have a dedicated Customer Service agent or the flexibility of a live chat feature that ensures your every need is met and that you’re never left wanting, least of all by the acknowledgement of an email.

All your documents in one place

Now let’s jump a couple of steps down the chain. Your manufacturer has produced your shipping documents and has sent that over to you. Your job could be as simple as filing them away, but it’s more likely that you’ll have to review them, or worse yet, circulate them further throughout your organization to complete the checks and balances. All the while you’re praying for an error free experience as that would not only generate an abundance of emails but also quickly become an administrative nightmare.

With Twill, your shippers can upload your documents directly onto the platform where users within your organization can review and either approve or request amendments at the click of a button. Better yet, the platform will even store and archive your documents for you indefinitely at no additional cost to you.

A digital tool for a digital era

That is the power of a digital tool in a digital era. I could go further and tell you how Twill solves all your visibility challenges and allows you to have real-time information at your fingertips; or how the platform would alert you proactively when exceptions occur in your supply chain – but all that is just the beginning. What starts with an empty inbox will end with an intuitive user experience that leaves you feeling informed and in control. It’s Twill, shipping made simple.

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