Inland transportation – a crucial piece of the puzzle

Before your cargo can get anywhere, it needs to reach the port; and once it crosses the ocean, you need to get it to your warehouse – that’s why inland transportation is so crucial. In this article we explain you everything you need to know about inland transportation and show you what Twill can do for you to get your cargo delivered door-to-door.

Twill was established with a simple vision: to break down the barriers in logistics and make shipping simple for those who need it – particularly SMEs. That means understanding how your cargo can get from A to B smoothly and efficiently.

If you’ve come to Twill, you will no doubt be looking to get your cargo moving across the world – or rather the ocean! But this transport across the sea is just one piece of the puzzle and there are a series of key stages that ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be.

Efficient inland transportation

Before your cargo can get anywhere, it needs to reach the port; and once it crosses the ocean, you need to get it to your warehouse. That’s why inland transportation is so crucial.

Of course, knowing where to start in securing this can be a bit daunting! Through your incoterms with a shipper or supplier, you might not have control of your cargo until it reaches the port of destination. If your supplier uses a different shipping company and ocean line, then suddenly you’ve got lots of different parties involved in moving your cargo.

Having all these companies involved in different stages is often what leads to confusion, delays, mishandling of deliveries, and communication issues. It’s quite possible you’ll have to pay the cost of these delays – which is why it’s important to have efficient inland transport.

But that’s why we’re here! We’re proud to be able to help customers in securing inland transportation for their cargo. Thanks to our extensive network of transport providers, we can provide constant monitoring and quality assurance.

By rail, road or barge

When you book with Twill, we offer a number of inland transportation services – after all sometimes the road isn’t the smoothest travel option! So whether it’s rail, road or barge, we’ve got you covered.

In our case, our services cover FCL (full container load) and as an innovation of Maersk, we’re able to access a reliable global network of services and experts to ensure your business can go global with ease.

All of this saves you time and money – and if you know the shipping industry, delays are the most costly and impactful aspect of the journey. Our Customer Care Ninjas are on hand to help you at every turn and support you through any changes that occur.

Inland transportation is a crucial piece of the puzzle – and though it can be daunting, it doesn’t need to be!

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