Pre-book your shipment with Twill

Here at Twill we’re constantly striving to build a better platform and we’re proud to announce that from this month our customers will be able to utilise our new pre-book feature.

As part of our continuous work to develop Twill’s functionality, we always use your customer feedback and you may have even seen our CEO Troel’s recent blog post about this very subject! We’re delighted that our new pre-booking feature is a product of this customer collaboration. We spoke to our Head of Product, Daisy Zhang, all about it:

How does it work?

“The idea behind the feature is that you, our customer, can place a booking in advance, any time. So if you’re super-organised and have your shipping order ready 4-8 weeks before your sailing date, you can go into the Twill platform and place your booking – there’s no need to wait until the price becomes available, which currently relies heavily on carriers in the freight forwarding business.

“Once the price is available you will receive a notification to ask you to go onto the platform to approve (or cancel!) your booking. Nothing is binding until that moment.”

The benefits

“In traditional freight forwarding, a booking will never proceed until prices are released and the quotation is agreed. The benefit of our pre-booking feature is that you can place your booking sooner. It also takes the pressure off having to remember to keep checking back to see if the price is available.

“And even with this level of convenience, Twill doesn’t inflate its prices. Our customers will always get the most competitive quote.”

Solving the space issue

“Another huge benefit of pre-booking is that in peak season, lack of space can be a huge issue. But if we know what’s coming from our customers well in advance, we can provide a better prediction to our carriers of how much volume they can expect. As a result, we can secure your space as early as possible.

“If you’re already providing a forecast to us via email, it’s a huge time saver for you since you can reduce two steps (forecasting and booking) into just one.”

Where will the future take us?

“The possibilities for new features on Twill are endless – pre-booking functionality could lead us to develop a way for there to be an indication of price when you pre-book. We’re not there yet, but our constant evolution means that we are agile in our approach to development.

“And as has always been Twill’s approach, we will be guided by our customers.”

Why not pre-book your shipment today?

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