Twill’s exciting product journey in 2018

With numerous new product features planned, 2018 looks hugely exciting for Twill. And 2017 was a year full of learning for us.

We understood our customers better by dividing them into different groups based on needs; we learnt how to make our product scalable for new markets and services; we learnt how to keep product design consistent; and we gained a deeper knowledge of the behind-the-scene processes and have so many ideas about how to make them more efficient.

Now it’s time to apply all of those learnings and insights.

Our future journey

The key topic for Twill in 2018 is rapid growth. We have an ambitious business plan that we are all passionate about, and to support that, we’re in no doubt that the product journey ahead of us will be hugely exciting.

There are four key dimensions that we are focusing on in Twill’s product development.

  1. Launch Twill in more countries

Last year, we opened the UK, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic as import countries and China, Vietnam, Indonesia as export countries. This year, we will accelerate the pace and bring Twill to more destinations across the globe, including North America, South America and Australia. Based on our experience gained last year in terms of the process of rolling out to new countries and the scalability of our product, we are confident that we can continue to onboard international customers in an effective manner. This is a critical aspect of our growth and the improvement of essential product features.

  1. Expand our service scope

Another key aspect of our future growth is service scope. We started Twill with a mindset of doing one thing really well rather than doing everything averagely. Therefore, we were very specific about the service that we provided, focusing solely on ocean, FCL and FOB to start with. And because of that, we have been able to achieve good results in our current service offering.

Now we are ready to expand our service scope, offering new capabilities such as LCL, more value-added service, CIF etc. This will enable our customers to use Twill as THE platform to satisfy their diversified business needs.

  1. Improve the user experience

This is a never-ending journey for us. Last year, we released some high-rated product features based on our customers’ feedback, such as supplier initiated booking. This year, we want to take this to the next level by investing more time to engage with our customers. With some great initiatives in place already, we truly believe that Twill will continue to create great value for our customers.

  1. Design smarter ways of working

Here at Twill, our employees are our most important asset. Customer care, pricing and the sales team are our internal customers, and last year we worked closely with each other and improved our internal systems to enable the team to work smarter but not harder. This year, we will keep working together with the help of technology, to create an excellent working experience for all Twillers.

Every single day in the Twill office, you can feel the energy and excitement around the blueprint that we have ahead of us. I hope you are as excited as we are about all that is to come in 2018.

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-Daisy Zhang, Twill Head of Product

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