‘Paws for thought’ – Introducing Roxy, Twill’s Chief Entertainer!

Meet Roxy, possibly the friendliest member of the Twill team…a four-year-old American Staffordshire:

Very much one of us Twillers, here’s her perspective on what it’s like to work at Twill!

So my friends at Twill asked me to get my thinking cap on for once and give you some behind the scenes info on the Twillers.

I generally come into the office four days a week with my owner, Barbara – she’s the Head of Operations (I’m very proud!). Initially, I wasn’t sure when she mentioned coming into work with her at Twill.

“It’s all about logistics,” she said. For a dog like me, isn’t that really complicated?

“You’ll spend lots of time with other humans,” she said. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but humans at work – they’re just all stressed out and ‘I don’t have time for that’; aren’t they? What chance do I have with corporate folk? They’ll all be stiff suits, anagrams and ‘meetings about meetings’ – no thank you!

Well, on my first day in the office I realized just how wrong I was. The Twillers weren’t any of those things. Not a stiff suit, bored face or frown in sight!

These people laugh at my tricks. They don’t take themselves too seriously or make things complicated; and they can’t pass me without giving me a stroke.

If I’m not with my coworkers, then I can be found lounging in my bed, playing with toys or with a fellow Twiller – everyone has their strengths, right? I get stopped around the office for a hug and people just can’t pass me by without pulling a funny face or cracking out a big smile!

I chill in the meeting rooms on the puff chairs (so comfy) to keep the mood light. If somebody ever starts to look puzzled or stressed out then I’ve got the distraction technique down. There was one meeting where I caught up on some much-needed sleep, and when I started to snore really loudly everybody cracked up. That was a win-win situation where the humans remembered to not be so serious – success!

I’ve now been here for over a year and I’ve done such a good job that I’ve been given a very important role at Twill. I’m Roxy – Chief Entertainer. I’m four years old, so I have A LOT of energy, and I’m not your typical colleague…

The humans say I’m an extrovert. All I know is I love playing and being around people – and I love it when the whole Twill team is together!

Barbara also tells me that the Twillers are much calmer and happier when I’m around. Regardless if you’re a ‘dog person’ or not, I get on with the people in my office in different ways. I think I remind them that it’s good to take a break to laugh with each other, catch up and remember to have fun. It’s certainly a super fun place to spend my days!

One thing that is serious at Twill though is simplicity. This logistics business that Barbara talks about might be complicated for a dog like me to understand, but hey, we’re all working to make shipping simple, right?

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