Twill launches Supplier Initiated Booking

Driven primarily by our large volume customers, our new Supplier Initiated Booking (SIB) function is designed to provide more flexibility for our customers, allowing the choice of delegating the booking process to your suppliers.

The new capability maintains control with the consignee by providing them the authority to approve each shipment in just three clicks.

There are a number of key benefits to be gained from using the platform with supplier initiated booking functionality:

  • Accuracy – the SIB function means that the responsibility of when to place the booking remains with the supplier, based on their production plans
  • Simplicity – the entire process for our consignees is reduced from 12 clicks to just 3
  • Transparency – both consignee and supplier can view every single shipping milestone to stay up to date
  • Flexibility – you can choose to authorise as few or as many of your suppliers as you wish
  • Relationship-building – SIB helps suppliers build trust with our consignees, and reduces communication back and forth

From a freight forwarding perspective, Twill is one of the first to be able to offer this kind of capability to our customers. We listened to what you want from Twill, and this new function is open for anyone to use – whether you’re shipping 1 container a month or 30 containers a month.

Since our conception in April 2017, Twill has always taken on board customer feedback and worked to develop our platform based on customer requirements. The next step will be for us to enable more of a conversation between the supplier and consignee on Twill – moving more towards a complete self-service model on the platform.

The SIB capability is now live on the Twill platform. Experience what shipping looks like in the 21st Century and sign up to make your first booking here:

Richard Few, Commercial Lead

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