The Life of an Infrastructure Developer

At Twill we want to give our customers and the general public a glimpse into how our company runs on a day to day basis – as well as the people who make it tick. Our ‘Day in the Life’ blog series continues this week as we spoke to Jeroen Zeegers, an Infrastructure Developer in the Twill Tech team, on what his job entails and what an average day looks like for him:

What does your job as an Infrastructure Developer entail?

“As an Infrastructure Developer at Twill I, along with my colleagues, am in charge of building and maintaining the infrastructure that the Twill platform runs on – that could mean managing services from third parties or ensuring we have enough resource to maintain a reliable and smooth service.

“It also means the security of our platform. Our customers trust us with information regarding the supply chain of their products, to protect this we make sure that we work according to industry best practices regarding security. This is an important part of my day-to-day working.”

Could you describe what your average day looks like?

“Well, as many people at Twill will testify, no day is quite the same – there are always exciting developments and new challenges to face. However, usually I will come into the office and the first thing I do is review the Twill platform’s performance overnight. This is crucial because I am based in the Netherlands – which means when I’m asleep, some of our biggest customer bases in Asia are just opening for business.

“If there have been any errors or issues then I will look to fix these. There have been times when I’ve had to solve an issue in the night! But those are rare now because our platform continues to get better and stronger with each development.

“Outside of these things I’m usually looking into ways to make Twill even more reliable for customers all around the world. One way that I check this is by seeing how fast our loading times are, and I check this in 30 different locations – from the U.S. to Vietnam and Netherlands to China – because, while everyone is accessing the same platform, the speed at which they can access it might differ from country to country.”

Are you involved heavily in new Twill features?

“Yes, absolutely, I will often be there from the start of a new feature being created – because our team is part of designing the functionality of that feature. I need to ensure that we have efficient resource to sustain a new feature without losing loading times, for example.

“It can be a bit of a balancing act – because in an ideal world you can have a platform that has a lot of features and is also super-fast and super-secure. But the reality is that each of these things impacts the others, so you have to tweak and work each day to get the balance right.”

What’s your favourite thing about working at Twill?

“More than anything I am really proud of the work we’re doing at Twill. We have grown to a point where almost anywhere in the world you have a Twill location near you – which means you have people who understand the specific needs and demands of your country and your market.

“As well as this, we’re working with some of the most recent innovations in cloud technology. As the shipping industry continues to modernise, it really feels like we’re on the forefront of that and that’s really exciting!”