The Life of Twill’s Head of People

At Twill we want to give our customers and the general public a glimpse into how our company runs on a day to day basis – as well as the people who make it tick. Our ‘Day in the Life’ blog series continues this week as we spoke to Ramona Sandu, Head of People at Twill, on what her job entails, what it means for our customers and what an average day looks like for her:

What is involved in your role as Head of People at Twill?
“As Head of People, my role involves building the internal structure of Twill – defining who and what makes a Twiller. That covers a lot of things, from recruitment to strategy.

“My role within Twill is aligned with my purpose – I aim to lead from the heart to help build the team and company I want to work for. For this reason, employee culture is important to me – building a culture that functions on open and honest relationships is one of my priorities for ensuring the success of Twill’s people.

“At Twill we believe in ‘disrupting logistics’, and my role takes this in a different direction by also disrupting ourselves; asking how we can get better and improve as a company. When we do a great thing – whether it’s for a customer or introducing a new product – that’s brilliant and we should celebrate it. So we’re walking the fine line of “this is how we do things around here (i.e. our culture) and “how could we do that even better next time?”

So what does an average work day look like for you?
“Well, there’s rarely an average day at Twill! But typically a big chunk of my day is dedicated to getting the right Twillers into the company. This can be on a strategic level or literally interviewing people for roles within the business. The role employees play in Twill is vital, so it is essential that I choose the right fit to fulfil Twill’s visions and values.

“I am also responsible for advising Twill’s leadership team on the people strategy and as a member of the Leadership team, I am actively involved in the overall company strategy. Some of my peers call me a “special HR”, namely a very business minded one. I take that as a compliment as that’s the only way to effect strategy as a Head of People.

“Beyond my work in this advisory role and recruiting staff, I also support Twill’s roll-out to new countries. I’ll be involved with this from an early stage, mainly liaising with the human resources in either a specific area or country so that Twill is able to recruit the right people for the job and challenges that might face that specific region.”

How would you describe your role from a customer perspective?
“I certainly feel as though my role as Head of People delivers value to our customers. Our focus on delivering simplicity and results for our customers is a result of the careful selection of people me and my team recruit, and the culture within Twill that we help to foster. It is always a pleasure to hear about Twill delivering the right customer experience, as it evidences the fact that we have the right people working in Twill and are building the right culture.”

What’s your favourite thing about working at Twill?
“I am lucky to get to live my purpose: build the company I want to work for and lead colleagues around me from the heart. I am grateful and humbled to have this opportunity at work because I know it can be rare!”

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