Cargo protection

Value Protect – protecting your cargo and your interests

As a company built around the needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs, at Twill we understand how important your cargo is to your business. At any one time, a single container could contain a significant portion of your business’ total inventory.

It’s because of this that protecting your cargo is so important and why we are pleased to be introducing Value Protect to our integrated end-to-end logistics service – a new solution to keep the value of your cargo protected from logistics-related risks.

Why do you need to protect your cargo?

Nobody likes to think about things going wrong, but there are risks involved in shipping cargo around the world and protecting your shipment generally gives peace of mind while doing this.

However, the difficulty, particularly for smaller businesses, is that often insurance to protect your cargo might be expensive, or there is so much paperwork involved that it can be a daunting process to undertake – and even more daunting or potentially expensive to make a claim if something does go wrong!

What is Value Protect?

On top of these difficulties, today, most of the risk of cargo losses or damages sits with the customer (that’s you). Major international laws and Bill of Lading (the proof of the shipment of cargo) terms and conditions govern international transport and they are favourable to carriers.

With Value Protect, supercharged by Maersk, we are providing an added value which seeks to balance the playing field by offering a revised set of terms and conditions for the contract of carriage. This amends the standard Bill of Lading terms and conditions to remove some of the traditional defences which may otherwise have applied to prevent or decrease the compensation you receive.

This means that, in the event of cargo loss or damage, a contract of carriage that utilises Value Protect will have a higher chance of being compensated in the event of a claim being made.

Why Value Protect?

Value Protect has been added, as part of our logistics service, to address the many difficulties and annoyances that businesses face when trying to ship cargo while protecting it from risk and damage.

Firstly, if you’re booking with Twill and using Value Protect, you have one point of contact for all your needs and queries – which is available to you 24/7 through our dedicated customer service team. This also makes paperwork simple and easy, as we have all your information through your booking!

As with everything at Twill, transparency is key too. Value Protect is available in varying packages based on the needs and type of cargo you’re shipping. You can see these prices up front and make a decision without any surprises further down the line.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, because we know you and your business through our platform – the claims process, if it is needed, is much easier and faster.

What does it cover?

It is important to note that Value Protect does not require you to pay a deductible. This improved set of terms that have been created to make protecting your cargo during shipments through Twill easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

Here’s what Value Protect does and does not cover:

Cargo protection

If you’re looking for simpler and more cost-effective protection for your cargo, our Value Protect packages may be perfect for you. Sign-up today and explore them for yourself through our platform.