We speak your language – Part 2

At Twill, we are proud of how much we’ve grown since we launched in 2017. We now operate in over 30 countries around the world – that’s a lot of customers and a lot of different languages!

This makes our award-winning customer care team so important to our work. They are the first port of call for our customers – and their relationship with customers defines the experience of working with us and using the Twill platform.

In our last blog we asked some of our Customer Care Ninjas to tell us what they enjoy about customer care and the most important aspects of the job

Now, we get some views from more of our Customer Care Ninjas – discussing what questions they frequently receive from customers and what good customer service means to them.

A new way of shipping

The process of shipping cargo has traditionally been done a certain way for decades. Twill was created to bring a new way of shipping to customers – especially for those who may never have shipped cargo before.

When you do something like that, there are always going to be questions and guidance needed. Our customer care team are always on hand to help customers through any stage of the booking process.

“The most common questions might be concerning departure dates / arrival dates. We always update this info on the platform and we make sure to update the client if there is any change in any of the scheduled dates.” – Catherine van der Valk, Customer Care Ninja

“I think most questions are related to the functionalities of our platform, as it’s a new way of thinking in the shipping industry. They could be related specifically to an operation or booking; or in regard to guidance on the Twill dashboard.” – Kyle Martinez, Customer Care Ninja

Never feel misguided

At Twill we give you cargo tracking and transparent access across our platform. We bring this same honesty and transparency to our customer care team.

The number one rule of our customer care team is to help customers however we can – and never leave them feeling like they don’t know what is happening with their cargo.

“For me, it’s so important that we are never leaving customers feeling helpless or misguided. That means doing our best to provide our customers with the knowledge they are searching for, or letting them know that we are reaching out to our colleagues to ensure we provide them with the best solution.” – Kyle Martinez, Customer Care Ninja

The first message matters

We are proud of our Customer Care Ninjas and their interactions with customers are a huge part of what makes our platform successful. A client who has a bad experience with their customer care is far more likely to take their business elsewhere next time.

“The Customer Care Ninja is the person who contacts the client the most frequently, that means good customer service is not only about helping the client solve problems, but also being an ambassador for the company.” – Florence Zhong, Customer Care Ninja

Got some cargo you need to move and want to experience our customer care for yourself? Explore our website today, which you can also view in German, Chinese and Spanish, and request a demo to see how the Twill platform could make shipping simple for you!

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