We speak your language

At Twill, we are proud of how much we’ve grown since we launched in 2017. We now operate in over 30 countries around the world – that’s a lot of customers and a lot of different languages!

This makes our award-winning customer care team so important to our work. They are the first port of call for our customers – and their relationship with customers defines the experience of working with us and using the Twill platform.

Thankfully for us, our customer care team is award-winning, which means they’re pretty great at what they do for our customers, like Gallops Equestrian in the UK.

At Twill, we believe speaking your language goes beyond words; to understanding your business. We asked some of our Customer Care Ninjas to tell us what they enjoy about customer care and the most important aspects of the job.

Helping you through the journey

Whenever you start using a new product or a new app, the first few interactions are crucial to the success of the next hundred interactions. This ‘onboarding’ process is something our teams take great care over.

“I like onboarding and setting up new accounts and assisting customers. Customer contact is important to me and I feel that helps to retain customers. I work with our Business Development Managers to get all the requirements of the account and have calls with the teams that will work on the account to make sure everyone is aligned.” – Cathy Jones, Customer Care Ninja

Team members all around the world

Where our customers go, we go. We have teams based all around the world, speaking the local language and understanding the local context – like regulations and restrictions. All of these teams are interconnected too, keeping in contact to best support customers.

“My favourite thing working in customer care is solving problems for customers – and I really enjoy being able to solve them by cooperating with colleagues. Even though we might not be in the same office together, or even in the same country, we are able to reach out for support and expertise. We work as a team to solve every problem together.” – Hope, Customer Care Ninja

Pro-activity and patience

We believe in making shipping simple – so that you can book a container with ease. Our customer care team are crucial in making that happen; taking a proactive approach to your business; as well as recognising the importance of patience during the process.

“Being pro-active, patient and attentive is a big part of the job. Listening to customer concerns and providing a quick service; showing the customer that you care and are trying to solve an issue. Being a reliable point of contact for the customer when the customer needs help is important for them to feel like they are cared for and that there is always someone there to help out.” – Catherine van der Valk, Customer Care Ninja

Got some cargo you need to move and want to experience our customer care for yourself? Explore our website today, which you can also view in German, Chinese and Spanish, and request a demo to see how the Twill platform could make shipping simple for you!

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