How the Civil Unrest in South Africa is impacting shipping operations

Civil Unrest in South Africa is leading to extreme violence within the country. Given the situation, our operations are limited. Here, we are giving you an update on the status.

Anna-Sophia Metzel, 15 Juli 2021

While Civil Unrest in South Africa is proceeding, we want to explain what has happened over the last few days and what’s the situation like. You will also learn what we do to keep you further informed if you are shipping to or from South Africa.

What has happened in South Africa, and why is it impacting shipping?

On 8th July 2021, South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma handed himself into the police to begin serving a 15-month sentence for contempt of court. With that, demonstrations in his home province in eastern South Africa started. After days of scattered efforts to block roads in the local area, the protests escalated and spread to other major regions, including Johannesburg. Therefore, the South African government has asked people to stay at home as riots continue since starting almost a week ago.

Due to the geographical locations of many ports and safety reasons, the violent unrests are now leading to delays in port operations and full closures.

The situation in major shipping locations in South Africa

You might wonder now how the current situation impacts different areas in South Africa from or to where you want to ship your goods. That’s why we have compiled the latest status in this list:

  • Durban: The port, except for Pier 1 and Pier 2, which are semi-operational, is shut down due to lack of labour. Trucking activities in Durban are suspended, and rail activities from Durban to all locations as well. Our office is closed.

  • Johannesburg: Rail activities from and to Johannesburg are currently suspended. Trucking activities work semi-operational. Our office is closed.

  • Pretoria: Trucking activities are semi-operational. Rail activities from or to Pretoria to all locations are fully suspended.

  • Port Elizabeth: Ngqura and Port Elizabeth Container Terminals are both fully operational. Trucking activities remain operational. Rail activities to or from Pretoria and Johannesburg are suspended. Our office is open.

  • East London: East London Container Terminal remains fully operational. Trucking activities remain operational. Our office is closed.

  • Cape Town: Cape Town Container, FPT, and MPT Terminals are fully operational. Trucking activities remain operational, rail activities to or from Pretoria and Johannesburg are suspended. Our office remains open.

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We are here to keep you informed

We know that this highly volatile situation can be challenging for your business. Your and our Twillers’ safety is of utmost importance to us. We remain open for business wherever possible, and we are committed to proceeding with our full service once the situation eases up again.

„Wir hoffen, dass Sie und Ihre Teams diese Zeit gesund überstehen. Die Situation ändert sich stetig und wir wissen, dass Sie sich möglicherweise Sorgen um Ihre Sendungen machen. Wir werden unsere Kanäle weiterhin mit aktuellen Informationen auf dem neuesten Stand halten. Sollten Sie spezielle Informationen benötigen, wenden Sie sich gerne an uns.“

Arnold Eckersley
Arnold Eckersley, Twill Area Manager für das südliche Afrika und die dazugehörigen Inseln

We know that you might have different questions about the situation and the delivery of your goods. We have therefore set up an FAQ with the most frequently asked questions. Head over now to get all the answers you might need to know more about the current situation while it is evolving.

While the situation continues, we will keep you updated via our knowledge hub with more advice and current updates.

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