COVID-19 – The rise of the self-service culture

There is a growing self-service culture emerging worldwide in recent years. For the U.S. this is no exception, and we have seen a major shift over the last few months, fueled and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This not only impacts how small businesses are managing their daily operations but also how they manage their supply chain. In this article, we will look to define what we mean by self-service culture and how Twill can help you self-manage a more stable supply chain.

31 Dezember 2020

October 21, 2020

When we think about self-service in our daily lives, we may think about self-service checkouts at supermarkets, or getting fuel for our cars and paying at the pump. But self-service is defined as offering customers tools and information in order for them to find answers to their questions and gain a better experience with a product or a service. Today this is increasingly a digital task, with the creation of self-service portals aimed at providing customers with instant access to information while saving them time and valuable organizational resources.

According to a study from Salesforce – a cloud-based software company focused on customer service – approximately 60% of businesses expect to implement self-service portals within the next 12-18 months[1]. With the growth of AI technologies, including chatbots and virtual agents, companies try to digitalize their customer care solutions and save customers time and money. These are further supported by other self-help tools like FAQ sections, so businesses can find answers quickly and efficiently.

Especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the self-service culture has grown. With social distancing in mind, self-service is a valuable solution to the current unprecedent situation. Many people as well as businesses try to keep their touch points on a digital level. And with that come a lot of digital solutions which do not only prevent people from gathering together but also save time and costs.

How does Twill accelerate the digital self-service culture in a shipping context?

At Twill we have always valued customer care and contact but in the digital way. We offer customers various options to book and manage their shipments in a very simple and intuitive way:

  • We have built a platform that takes you from the old world of complex shipping processes to an easy-to-use and self-explanatory platform.

  • Here we provide you real-time visibility giving you up to date information – no need for emails and phone calls.

  • Additionally, our chat function supports you 24/7 and in 30 languages while it further enhances your online experience with Twill.

  • Our platform allows you as a user to make changes on your shipments on the go – without any need for emails or phone calls.

  • It also incorporates a workflow tool that helps you navigate through your shipment’s lifecycle. This is complemented with alerts and notifications, ensuring you never miss a critical milestone or action.

  • And if you encounter any questions on the way, we provide you with a dedicated FAQ page where you can find a very detailed overview and information around bookings, products, services, costs, documents and many more.

  • Beyond that, our blog and knowledge hub provides you with recent industry trends such as the impact of Brexit on your supply chain or just general shipping information like what Incoterms

  • While we operate through a digital platform we are still powered by real people. Here our Twillers are ready to provide you with expert knowledge in shipping. For that you can always reach us via phone or email when you need that additional personal touch.

Moreover, we provide you with transparent pricing and a loading guarantee. And finally, every Twill booking is supercharged by industry leader Maersk, providing you with access to a trusted global network. With that, you can save your business valuable time, because we understand that saving time also means saving money.

So, now it’s time to see what Twill can do for your business.

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1 Salesforce, The Importance of Self Service Portals (2020)

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