Disruptions in South Africa: Further pressure on supply chains

While the situation in South Africa is easing up, the cyberattack of Transnet has put further pressure on logistics operations in the country. We have the latest updates.

Anna-Sophia Metzel, Arnold Eckersley, 29 Juli 2021

As outlined in our previous article, South Africa has previously faced disruptions caused by riots, impacting shipping and logistics from and to South Africa. While the situation has improved over the last few days, some challenges remain.

What's the status of shipping in South Africa?

As Transnet, South African's state-owned rail, port and pipeline company, was hit by a cyberattack, South Africa's ports have faced challenges. The good news is that Transnet's vital container terminal operating system "Navis" came back online on Tuesday, 27th July and is now operational in most of the container terminals.

Together with Maersk, our teams have commenced capturing import releases and export bookings directly in Navis to facilitate customer transactions. We thank you, our customers, for your patience as we work through clearing these backlogs.

However, Navis and some other Transnet systems going back online doesn't mean that the situation is back to normal. Moving forward, there will still be operational knock-on effects to consider, the impact to cargo in the ports, managing the existing export bookings and amending bookings based on circumstances to name a few.

Twill supports you and your business throughout these challenging times

The prolonged impact on container terminal operations puts further pressure on South Africa's fragile recovery from the pandemic, and a series of lockdowns after the riots had challenged businesses.

We want to thank you for your patience during this challenging time. While challenges remain, we are here for you and your business. We know that you might have difficulties and that this situation puts more stress on your logistics and supply chains on top of recent events.

„Solange die Lage unbeständig ist, arbeiten wir weiter mit zuständigen Interessenvertretern zusammen, um Sie, Ihre Kunden und den Erholungsprozess Ihres Unternehmens zu unterstützen. Uns ist bewusst, dass es aufgrund der aktuellen Entwicklung zu weiteren Änderungen in Bezug auf Ihre Sendungen kommen kann. Wir stehen Ihnen zur Seite – wenn Sie also weitere Hilfe benötigen, melden Sie sich bitte bei uns.“

Arnold Eckersley
Arnold Eckersley, Twill Area Manager für das südliche Afrika und die dazugehörigen Inseln

We will continue to update you on the situation as it evolves. To find the latest updates on Maersk vessels and schedules, please click here. If you need further assistance, you can contact us or check our knowledge hub for the latest news.

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