Your Digital Freight Forwarding Service

“Currently there’s a lack of transparency in freight forwarding. I’m unsure if I’m getting the best deal. If you could tell me how much a shipment costs with a click of a button” – said once our customer. And so we did! With so many modes of transportation available (ocean freight, road freight, air freight, rail freight) and so many carriers, it is difficult for companies, particularly SMEs, to compare rates and find the best carrier for their shipments. At Twill, our digital multi-carrier platform allows us to secure cargo space for you at competitive rates. In a challenging and changing market, keeping an eye on trends and finding the best rates is our job.

Get a freight quote instantly online

Thanks to the amount of data we have, we can give you instant quotation for your shipment. Log into your account and choose your trade line, you will see all ocean prices and additional charges. You can rely on the price you see there. No phone calls needed, bargaining about shipping containers rate and emails back and forth.

Instant shipment booking online

Once you have your price estimation, you can book your shipment in few clicks. This means you can place bookings even on Friday evenings or over the weekend, outside of the business hours of your shipping agent. The shipment is then processed by our logistics system and you will get notified when your shipping partner agreed to the booking.

Real time container tracking

When you track your shipments with us, you stay updated throughout your cargo’s journey. We’ve broken down the process and identified seven key milestones throughout a shipment – from arriving at port for loading to the vessel departing/arriving and import customs cleared – we monitor the shipment daily and as each milestone is reached you are automatically contacted and updated. This way, you have a real-time overview of your supply chain.

Digitized freight documentation

Twill acts as a single source for all shipping documentation – from customs forms, to invoices– so you never lose track of your paperwork. You can organize your business while we take care of the freight forwarding processes.