Twill se lanza en Brasil para simplificar la logística.

Digital logistics platform to provide global advantage to local companies

The Hague, NL – 20 March 2019 – Maersk is going digital in Brazil and launching Twill to simplify logistics in the world’s ninth largest economy and help boost competitiveness.

Twill, a digital logistics provider with a global mission to remove the complexity from handling international trade, is now providing Brazilian companies greater control of shipments, quotes and booking, transparency and tracking services, simplified paperwork and proactive customer care through its easy-to-use online platform. Twill will ultimately help level the playing field for Brazilian companies of varying sizes by providing end-to-end land-to-sea logistics services online.

The transportation and logistics industry is impacted daily by an overload of emails, phone calls and document-heavy processes, which can lead to huge delays in getting quotes, a lack of flexibility and transparency for customers in pricing, location data, and issue resolution as well as drive-up costs. Therefore, taking part in global trade is a complex situation for the companies whose primarily focus should be on their customers and are unable to spare resources to also be experts in shipping.

“Twill is a great fit for companies looking to overcome the complexity of doing trade in and outside of Brazil and we see a fantastic opportunity with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which either have a small number of people handling their logistics or do not necessarily have a logistics department at all but need to be competitive globally,” says Troels Stovring, CEO of Twill. “The potential that SMEs can bring, if these companies are able to overcome the global trade barriers and take part in the import and export scene is tremendous. They are the engine of growth for local economies and we need to ensure that our industry can facilitate this. Twill, like the name suggests, is like a tightly woven fabric that consolidates different strands of the supply chain together to make shipping simple. It is exciting time to be in Brazil especially looking at the Brazilian trade which is expected to grow faster in 2019 than the previous year.”

“By moving goods through Twill, SMEs, for example, will have access to our global platform and be able to move goods from one end to the other at their fingertips. This is a powerful tool and represents a global advantage to the way many SMEs currently do business,” says Fabio Britto, Sales Leader for Twill in Brazil. “The SME landscape in Brazil is of great economic importance for the country as it employs more than 56M people and is responsible for 20% of the GNP. With Twill we want to simplify the way companies in Brazil deal with global trade and enable them to take more space globally and further foster the economic growth of the country. In addition, with government plans to invest more in country’s infrastructure we look forward to being part in making Brazil more competitive on the global stage,” he adds.

Twill’s a digital, multi-carrier platform that enables customers to book their shipment online anytime and provides access to a world-class customer experience via a dedicated customer care team, based in Brazil, which is available 24/7.

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About Twill

Born out of a desire to simplify shipping for its customers, Twill is a digital freight forwarder. Launched in April 2017, Twill enables you to book, manage and monitor your shipments at the click of a button – from quotation and documentation right through to delivery.

A Maersk innovation, Twill’s agile approach to the development of freight forwarding means that it can be responsive as the market continues to evolve. Dedicated Twill customer care teams at origin and destination countries make the process as simple as possible.

Twill currently serves full container load, ocean services from port to door, importing from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan territories), India, Vietnam, Canada or Indonesia to the UK, US, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, the Czech Republic or Greater China.

With Twill, shipping has never been simpler.