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Frequently Asked Questions

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Twill has experts in all the 154 countries, we operate in and offer customs clearance for over 300 ports around the globe.

No. You can simply click on the “SIGN UP” button on top of the homepage! Add your details, your company’s details and wait for the activation email. Then you are ready to start shipping.

If you did not receive your activation email, try to use your credentials again to login. If you still do not receive an email to confirm your account, please contact support available 24/7 via our online chat in www.twill.net.

On Twill we can provide you with an end-to-end product which includes a variety of products such as: ocean transportation, inland transportation, customs clearance, VGM service and we continue to expand for your benefit. Contact your local Twiller for more information or chat with us online via chat in www.twill.net.

Twill is an easy and intuitive platform that offers end to end solutions for your cargo to and from 154 countries and more than 300 ports. You will be able to find instant prices, simple and reliable tracking of your shipments, and proactive support by our Customer Care agents. Plus, all Twill shipment are granted load and equipment guarantee.

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