Getting started

What information does Twill need to process my booking?

With our easy to use platform you can book your shipment in a few steps. During the process you will be asked:

  • Departure port or pick up address for your cargo

  • Destination port or delivery address for your cargo

  • Cargo dimensions

    • 20 foot container

    • 40 foot container

    • Reefer container available soon

  • Commodity type

    • You can select from our drop down menu for easy fill out or you can start typing your customized commodity type

  • The date you will like to ship your cargo

Based on this information Twill will provide you with different options to choose from and will let you know the journey and transit time of the cargo

Costs & Prices

How do I see prices?
All our prices are instantly available on the Twill platform and will immediatel...
Can I negotiate the prices I see online?
Our online price levels are market relevant and cannot be negotiated....
What is the validity of your prices?
At Twill, you have access to instant rates....
What is the maximum possible size of my cargo?
40 foot container shipment can carry up to 18 tons per container....
Can I apply for credit?
Yes, once you have signed up and become an active Twill customer, you will be ab...
Does Twill contact the supplier to arrange delivery of the goods?
During the booking process you are asked to provide the necessary documents and ...
Is there any cost for signing up to Twill?
Signing up and using the Twill platform is free and no charges will be made unti...
Will I be able to receive prices without signing up?
All our prices are instantly available on the platform. In order to give you a d...
What information does Twill need to process my booking?
Do you want to know all the information needed to process your booking? On this ...
Where can I find the vessel Rate Of Exchange (ROE)?
Vessel Rate Of Exchange (ROE) is available on our platform. Find the country you...
I just want to check schedules, not book. How should I proceed?
To check schedules or a desired route, you first need to Sign Up (there's no cha...
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