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How to manage supply chain uncertainties in the Asia Pacific

Discover insights and trends in the Asia Pacific for your supply chains to manage uncertainties.

In the second half of 2022, the disruptions from Covid 19 are still affecting global trade. As forecasts predict that the global economy will grow by 3% this year, although projections show this will ease to 2.9% next year, the inflation and the Russia-Ukraine conflict are increasing the risk of a sharp slowdown or recession. All these non-Covid 19 factors also disrupt the global economy and supply chains. In an international poll of CEOs of large manufacturers, 25% identify supply chain risk as the greatest threat to their organization's growth.* Some 68% declare they will take major steps to ensure supply chain resiliency in further global lockdowns and travel restrictions.**

How can you mitigate supply chain uncertainties?

What can help you to mitigate logistics and supply chain risks and uncertainties? Change is the solution. Nowadays, change is the new normal. Supply chains must move past the disruption phase and into a more proactive, solution-driven one that adds value. 

This insight series explores emerging issues and offers ideas, analysis and practical advice on minimising logistics and supply chain risks. Meanwhile, the knowledge and experience from some of the industry experts and customer best practices are also drawn in this series. We bring you up to speed and deepen your understanding of the topics shaping your company's future supply chains.

Here's a preview of how you can tackle supply chain uncertainties

  • Manage logistics disruptions: How you can anticipate disruptions, be proactive and ‘re-think’ supply chain structures.

  • Building a supply chain ’team': Why successful businesses rely on trustworthy trading partners with tech know-how and a shared vision.

  • Commitment to tech: How you can benefit from adopting technology and advanced analytics in your logistics and supply chains.

  • Environmental, social and governance: How you can secure your promise of business excellence by enhancing supply chain sustainability.

  • Striving to create resilient and inclusive supply chains: What challenges for small businesses are and how you can make your supply chains more resilient.

  • Workforce & Labour: A new generation of workers are poised to take charge: How you can meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce to succeed.

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**KPMG Global Manufacturing Prospects (2022)

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