Twill's approach to Sustainability

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play critical roles in the global economy and international trade. Women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs hold a particular promise in making trade work better for inclusive growth. Thus, the importance of investing in solutions to access trade, and in turn create more and better jobs in their communities.

Our approach to Inclusive Trade

Inclusive trade enables prosperity and growth for people and societies. But these benefits are not accessible to all. At Twill, we believe that all businesses, regardless of their size, deserve the chance to access international trade and gain benefits from it to help their business grow.

Our goal is to reduce the complexity of the industry and empower small businesses to take advantage of trade. By making global trade simpler, more accessible, and more sustainable, we can help multiply these benefits.

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“Our goal is to reduce the complexity of the industry and empower entrepreneurs to pursue opportunities in the exciting world of international trade.”

Trine Storgaard Nielsen, Head of Twill

Our partnership with SheTrades

As part of our commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs and their access to global trade, we partnered with ITC SheTrades in 2018. SheTrades is a unique platform that allows businesses, organizations, and companies to connect. Its goal is to empower women economically through trade. Since we started our collaboration, we have already helped connect over 3.600 women entrepreneurs to international trade.

Our Head of Twill, Trine Storgaard Nielsen, highlights: In 2020, we successfully launched a coaching programme to support women entrepreneurs from Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, and India to increase their international competitiveness.

Three key points of these collaborations are

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    We are empowering and upskilling entrepreneurs in international trade through specialised training.

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    We help entrepreneurs bring their SMEs one step closer to becoming trade-ready through coaching and consultancy spaces.

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    We connect SMEs to international trade through our simplified digital logistics services.

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