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“The pandemic shed enormous light on the importance of lifestyle choices and chronic illness for everyone and for the first time ever the government was subsidising vitamin D for those that needed it. We knew that if there was ever a time to really change access to healthy and organic groceries in the UK, it was now. “

Our interview with Sonny

Sonny Drinkwater, co-founder of WellEasy, tells us how he thought up the business idea for a healthy and natural product delivery service.

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Twill: What was the initial inspiration behind the idea?

Sonny: WellEasy is something that’s very personal to Josh and myself. During university, we both went through a period of significantly poor health and started to learn about good nutrition and food as a result. The only problem was the food system here in the UK makes it incredibly difficult, inconvenient and expensive to make healthy choices and support those brands that offer healthier alternatives.  

We launched our first business straight out of university, delivering healthy snacks to offices or sending out care packages whilst everyone was working from home.

 Twill: What does the day-to-day running of your business involve?  

Sonny: Checking in as a team, prioritising workloads and dividing and conquering different departments of the business. These include customer service, influencer marketing, community, PR, admin, finances stock management, paid marketing and product.

Splitting the workload based on ability is recommended if there’s more than one of you running the business. This way, everyone is comfortable in their abilities and you can get a system going.

Twill: What would you say is your unique selling point? 

Sonny: We’re the first ever one-stop-shop for the best healthy and organic groceries at unbeatable prices.  The key to the accessibility side is our unique membership model making organic food accessible to everyone.  And for every member, we sponsor a free membership for NHS workers, teachers, students and more.

Coming up with a truly unique business idea isn’t ‘well easy’. Start by considering several factors, like your audience, the demand for your product and the benefits it will bring.

Top Tips from Sonny

Twill: Did you face any obstacles in the making of WellEasy?  

Sonny: We’ve faced a lot of obstacles. One thing is that we needed a lot of cash to even get started. Well at least we thought we did. Fortunately, we found a wholesaler in the UK that allowed us to order individual items whenever we wanted with no minimum order quantity. We eventually started using the method of freight shipping services that allowed us to keep our stock levels low and order products on demand as soon as a customer placed an order.  

Challenges faced along the way are all part of the journey. It’s key to learn from them rather than let these obstacles get in the way.

Twill: Where do you export to at the moment? 

Sonny: We currently use freight transportation services based in the UK at the minute and service everyone here no matter where they are. We even have a very good customer of ours who lives out in the Scottish Highlands who we use freight shipping services to distribute to once every 2-3 weeks.

Twill: What have you learnt going solo? 

Sonny:  A hell of a lot to be honest but that’s something that Josh and I loved about this space.  

When you go it alone there’s no time to become a specialist at anything really. We are both very very generalist, but you start to learn how everything works. You learn everything from marketing to logistics, to fundraising. It’s like a crash course of ‘learn this or don’t get to the next stage’. 

Twill: Do you have any burning advice for other budding entrepreneurs? 

Sonny: One thing I always say to anyone interested in starting their own business is to do something every day that brings an idea or vision you have to life a little bit more. Everyone gets too caught up in feeling like they’ve got to have the perfect product and business ready by tomorrow. You really don’t. You just need momentum.

It took Josh and I 10 months before we even got WellEasy off the ground. But those 10 months were spent building a completely different business, learning how the healthy and organic retail space worked, networking on Linkedin and building up our confidence to get something like WellEasy off the ground.  

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