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Instant and competitive pricing in the U.S.

24 December 2020

The United States is home to Hollywood, iconic cars and countless innovations – all of which make it one of the world’s largest trading powers, exporting over 1.7 trillion dollars each year; with a diverse and vast population also making it the world’s biggest importer – bringing in over 2.6 trillion dollars of merchandise and goods every year.

It is a big market, but one that can be notoriously difficult to crack, particularly for SMEs. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is a government agency in the US that is responsible for regulating all Ocean transportation services to, from or via US ports. As a compliance requirement, Ocean carriers can either provide their customers with a customer-specific contract and rate that is filed with the FMC or defer them to their publicly listed tariff rates, terms and conditions.

This structure has been a barrier to many SMEs, as the preparation of customer-specific contracts can be time-consuming, and it is often not practiced on smaller volumes of freight. That means small businesses are forced to pay public tariffs or go through an intermediary.

A logistics company working for the change-makers

But that changes now. As part of a new logistics service, for a new way of working, Twill is able to take that custom price request and digitize it – leading the way by offering our SME customers instant, relevant pricing that is available at the point of booking, regardless of freight volume.

“Access to competitive rates, space guarantees and best-in-class customer service. We are levelling the playing field for the SMEs of the world.” – Art Singarajah, Regional Head of Twill – North America

Our goal has always been to unite change-makers and help plug them into a world of opportunity. With this service, that means small is the new big and we’re giving customers a peak behind the curtain – allowing you to view a custom price offer based on your freight, before accepting the terms and conditions of the contract, all in one go with the simple click of a button. No contracts, no physical signatures. It’s all the access, with half the hassle and more competitive rates!

Guaranteed loading and super-charged partnerships

This new service is an example of how being super-charged by Maersk means. Twill can offer the flexibility and attention that SMEs need, with the experience and expertise of a global partner behind us. That’s important now more than ever, in a time of crisis when uncertainty looms.

Our new pricing ensures that customers get the most relevant price in the market and we can guarantee loading – even as we optimise our network in the face of reduced demand. That means we only sell what we can load. You book with us and you’ll get the same priority as the world’s biggest brands, at no extra cost.

Let’s go global

Pair all of this with our best-in-class customer service, our vessel tracking, digital documentation and more – and what you have is a logistics company built to crack the code of digital logistics for SMEs.

Get in contact with our team today to explore how our services could benefit your business.

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