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COVID-19 – How we can help your logistics

17 December 2020

Since the initial outbreak of Coronavirus in China earlier this year we at Twill, supercharged by Maersk, have been working to keep you informed and aware of the developing situation and how it is affecting logistics, freight and supply chains around the world.

Local authorities are increasingly applying restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, potentially impacting production and supply chains.

As a company, we are following our standard crisis protocol at all levels, in order to best support our customers and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your supply chain:

We’re fully Operational

At Twill, we remain fully operational, with all our office employees enabled to work remotely. Our local offices are keeping a close eye on any changes to advice and their impact on supply chains, so that you always stay in the loop.

This means we continue uninterrupted to accept bookings through our platform – as well as supporting you with things like carrier haulage and customs clearance. If you foresee a need to divert freight due to supply chain challenges caused by restrictions, we can support in finding temporary solutions to fit your business.

The nature of Twill is that we are a digital business, which means we are set-up better than most in our industry to handle a situation like this.

Anne Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, CEO of Twill

You can read the full statement from our CEO via LinkedIn, here.

Got a logistics concern? Talk to us!

Twill is developed to facilitate your logistics in uncertain times like these. If you have any concerns, or questions specific to the needs of your business or a booking you have placed – then your usual customer service and sales contacts are still available, 24/7, throughout this period.

Stay on top of the latest developments

We would advise that you subscribe to the latest Maersk advisories – where local offices will send country-specific updates when relevant. You can also follow our own news here – and our social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.

All Twillers are working harder than ever to support you!

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us today.

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