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Keeping your logistics up to date during Brexit

16 November 2020

Brexit will have an impact on the transport of goods into and out of the UK – and as the deadline of Brexit approaches, it is crucial to know which negotiations take place and what the latest status is. Since our last Brexit update a lot has happened, and we are here to guide you with the latest updates as well as the implications for your business and your logistics.

23rd October 2020

As Brexit gets closer, we want to keep you up to date with the key information you need to know, so that you can prepare your logistics. For instance, if you want to expand your business to the UK or beyond its borders it is likely being made complicated by Brexit.

These days a lot of changes, updates and events are happening, which make Brexit even more confusing. That’s why we give you a detailed overview over the most recent updates and important ones to come:

The recent updates:

  • October 15:

    EU leaders met in Brussels for a two-day EU Summit. This day was set as a deadline by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to decide whether the Brexit negotiations should continue or a “no deal” Brexit should be agreed on. In a joint-statement released mid-way through the summit, EU leaders called on the UK to “make the necessary moves to make an agreement possible” and to make a post-Brexit trade deal possible. They also agreed to extend trade negotiations and hereby the actual deadline set for this day.

  • October 17:

    However, the British Prime Minister has outlined the talks between the UK and EU over a post-Brexit trade agreement are over. It was further argued that there was “no point” in discussions continuing in the upcoming week unless the EU was prepared to discuss the detailed legal text of a partnership. He further laid out the EU was unwilling to consider seriously the UK’s preferred option of a comprehensive free trade agreement based on the bloc’s existing arrangement with Canada.

  • October 19:

    Even though there had been a call between EU and British Brexit negotiators, a spokesman of Boris Johnson informed that there was no basis yet to resume negotiations.

  • October 21:

    The British government said it is now “ready to welcome the EU team to London to resume negotiations”.

What will happen next:

  • An EU negotiator has confirmed that the EU will now intensify talks with the UK in London in the upcoming days, also discussing further options for a trade agreement.

  • December 31st, 2020:

    The transition period of Brexit ends and that means that the negotiations must be finished at this point. The UK will then leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. This will also see other major changes happen, e.g. free movement of people will end and business trading with the EU will change and follow different rules. This can mean that if a trade deal is not in place, Britain will return to the basic World Trade Organization terms, meaning tariffs on goods and border checks.

How Twill and its partners help to keep your supply chain stable during Brexit

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Additionally, we are proud to introduce you to Maersk’s newly acquired company KGH. KGH is an industry expert in Customs Services and can therefore manage your customs in relation to Brexit. Find out more about the dedicated Brexit Customs Services at KGH.

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