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How digital logistics is changing the game

From providing greater visibility of the entire supply chain, to creating the tools in which to manage it smoothly, efficiently and in collaboration – the digitalisation of logistics is changing the game. We take a look at its impact in four key industries. 

Curtis Doyle, 12 December 2022

As the rapid growth of technology continues, our supply chains are benefiting. With better data and smarter use of it, supply chains across industries are embracing the digital transition and reaping the rewards in greater profits, efficiency and integration between partners. 

At Twill, we’re a product of the digital transition and through our platform we’re bringing the benefits to others through an end-to-end seamless digital logistics journey. 

Here, we take a look at how four major industries have been touched by digitalisation – and what the future holds: 


Manufacturing plays a vital role in the global industries – and the impacts of digitalisation are huge in the sector. From large-scale changes such as the design of manufacturing facilities to become more modular, flexible and adaptable; to the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation promise to improve accuracy, production and efficiency in the years to come.  

When it comes to unlocking these benefits, it starts with the foundation of a strong supply chain within the industry itself. Digital logistics providers (like Twill!) can give manufacturers with greater visibility and control of their supply chains, whether its tracking shipments, uploading documentation to share with partners and reducing email chains in the process.

Retail and Fashion

The digitalisation of logistics has made the e-commerce boom possible in the last few years. Progress was no doubt accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced everyone inside and online, but digital capacities ensured orders could be fulfilled and consumer demands met.

Today, the retail industry faces fresh challenges. No matter how you look at it, supply chains must be optimised and efficient to handle these challenges – and digitalisation is helping.

In the face of omnichannel retail, for example, data management is key. By sharing data among internal teams, and partners; retailers can better integrate their stakeholders and streamline processes to deliver for customers.

Elsewhere, digitalisation in the supply chain can help on multiple levels. Being able to track shipments through digital logistics tools can allow businesses to better plan and follow their logistics journey – using the outputs to plan bookings with greater accuracy. This efficiency can be passed down to customers, keeping them better informed on deliveries and providing a better service in the process.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

When it comes to the FMCG sector, flexibility is in demand. Digitalisation offers the chance to adapt to changes quickly – mitigating supply chain risks while avoiding disruptions for end customers.

This is more important than ever in a sector where the rise of e-commerce means companies have gone from delivering to stores, supermarkets and wholesalers – to directly serving consumers

Once again visibility – both in the business and supply chain – is key to success and digitalisation has offered helpful tools to improve it. For example, tracking cargo all the way from manufacturing through to the end user.


In the automotive industry logistics is essential.

With several stakeholders involved in the chain – from transport to technical providers and dealers – the focus is towards connecting and coordinating these stakeholders seamlessly. Digitalisation is helping, by offering transparency among partners.

Our logistics platform gives an overview of all shipments within a single dashboard – giving yourself, as well as suppliers and partners, the ability to see everything that’s happening with your shipments. A stronger view of the supply chain like this means better foresight of trends and the ability to respond to them quicker - helping to optimise supply chain efficiency and build resilience.

Curious about digital logistics? We’ve got you covered!

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