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Preparing your supply chain for doing Logistics during Ramadan 2023

Ramadan marks the start of one of the most significant months of the Islamic calender. Observed and celebrated by Muslims wordwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and giving back to the community the period also brings about changes in buying patters and schedules within the regions that partake in the celebrations. Our handy checklist is here to help you optimise your business to meet seasonal demands.

K Praveena, 02 February 2023

When is Ramadan 2023?

The holy month of Ramadan marks the ninth month on the Islamic calendar. Ramadan changes from year to year and it begins and ends with the sighting of the crescent moon. In 2023, it is likely to fall on Thursday, March 23 and the 30-day annual fast will be followed by a three-day celebration of Eid al Fitr.

How is Ramadan celebrated?

Ramadan is a month of religious significance to Muslims, during which they fast from dawn until sunset without eating or drinking. exhibiting spiritual discipline and as a mean to empathize with the less fortunate. the fast is broken at sundown during Iftar, a meal often shared with family and friends.

What changes occur during the Ramadan festive period?

During this period, customer buying behaviours see a change. People start socialising more as they come together with their friends, family, and loved ones to break their fast at dusk. This results in an increased demand for certain consumer products such as food commodities for those observing fasting. These social and cultural factors contribute to a rise in consumer spending – people start buying more and demands for products increase. The holiday also sees a slowdown in business activity as well as shorter working hours in the countries and regions that celebrate Ramadan.

Here’s a list of some likely challenges you may face during this period

Shorter Customs Clearance times

In countries observing Ramadan, customs clearance officials like other businesses may also see shorter working hours. This could cause delays in clearance processes at ports within the regions. It would be best to plan in advance and be aware of the situation if you are planning to ship before, during or immediately after this period.

Reduced capacity at ports

There may be a possibility of port congestion during this period due to reduced activity and a lack of personnel at ports. Also, during the Eid-Al-Fitr holidays, some countries observe 3 to 6 days long holidays and almost all business activities may come to a halt.

Increase demand for products

The shopping appetite of people increases during this time to ensure that there is no shortage of products in the market to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.
if you are using ocean freight to ship your goods internationally to countries observing Ramadan, it is advised you plan well in advance for your goods to reach the destination country well before the start of Ramadan (at least a week before) to ensure that there is no shortage of products in the market there is a potential to lose revenue to your competitors.

Shipment Delays

Ports running at a lesser capacity can result in end delays. If you have orders to fill or deadlines to meet, it is important to ensure that you get your timings right when shipping to and from the regions and countries celebrating Ramadan to ensure there are no delays in deliveries.

What you can do to best prepare for the Ramadan 2023 festive period?

1 - Plan your shipments ahead of time

Place your ocean transportation bookings well ahead of time. This will ensure your business continues to run smoothly throughout the month-long Ramadan season.
it’s not advised to leave your international shipments until the beginning of the Ramadan month or even the month before. This is especially if you are utilsing ocean freight services

2 - Organise your inventory to overcome delays or shortages

Organise your shipments and make sure they are sent out early so they are readily available for sale at the beginning of Ramadan. The retail sector in regions celebrating Ramadan sees an increase in sales throughout the festive season, with heightened demands for clothing and textiles. There is also an increase in demand for food products. As purchasing activity increases in these countries, it is necessary to make sure your customers’ needs are fulfilled.

3 - Don’t leave things to the last minute

if you are using ocean freight to ship goods internationally to countries observing Ramadan, it is advised that you plan in advance for your goods to reach the destination country well before the start of Ramadan, at least a week before.

4 - Work with a reliable logistics partner

Engaging the services of a trusted logistics partner who has the necessary expertise and resources to help you steer clear of complications during the Ramadan period will not only ease the seasonal shipping stress but ensure that your products reach customers in time. This expertise can include the ability to handle customs clearancedocuments across different regions where trade and shipping may be affected due to the extended holiday period.

How Twill help you ease the stress of doing logistics during Ramadan?

End-to-end logistics on a single platform

Utilising Twill equips you with a single platform to help simplify your logistics management process. You can book, schedule, track and organise your shipments well in advance through a user-friendly interface. Instant rates give you the advantage of being able to view the prices of the shipments you want to book right away. You will also have an option to integrate solutions such as customs clearance and value protect offerings are here to take care of your products throughout their journey.

Visibility throughout your journey

Planning your shipments on Twill’s digital platform enables you with round-the-clock visibility of your cargo, this allows you to eliminate the need to engage with multiple external vendors when doing your supply chain management – reducing complications during the transportation process while saving you manpower. This frees up time and resources spent dealing with tedious paperwork during an already stressful logistics period.

Intermodal transportation provides you with alternative routes

Twill allows you to effortlessly transition your cargo from ocean to land. Our containers give your shipments the flexibility to go from truck or rail without having to make any transfers or deal with multiple vendors and different modes of transportation. This is particularly important during festive periods like delays.

Stay up to date on the trade landscapes with Twill's Knowledge Hub

Shipping across regions during a seasonal peak can become complex. Twill provides you with more than just services, we’re here to give you a hand with a better understanding of the regions that you plan to ship to and from with insightful updates and information you need to know when placing a booking.

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