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A simple way to ship – international loading priority for your freight

Your demand for reliability in carrying your goods is essential to us. We know that it's crucial for you that your goods arrive as planned. With our loading priority for your cargo, it is now even more certain that your goods will be loaded on time. Find out what that exactly means and how you can get started right away.

13 April 2021

What is a loading priority?

Our loading priority is an equipment and space prioritisation for your freight – no matter if you ship it on the ocean or with our inland transportation. We try to load your cargo as soon as possible.

We know that you dream big. And we want to help you realise your dream. So, we help you to take your business from local to global.

As we are supercharged by industry leader Maersk, we give your freight priority access to the world's biggest logistics network.

What does that mean for you and your business?

Here's what it looks like:

  • We give you the same global network as many other big brands.

  • We provide you with fair and transparent pricing options – matching your needs.

  • We're in this together: That means you agree on a two-way commitment.

What is a two-way commitment?

Our loading priority comes with a two-way commitment. With our two-way commitment, you will have increased reliability to get your goods shipped around the world.

This means you will have a loading priority for your cargo and compensation if, in a rare case, we should roll your cargo. On the other hand, a cancellation on the booking from your side will be at a fee.

Further questions? We've got you covered.

Do you have further questions about the loading priority and booking with Twill? Find more answers to your questions in our FAQ.

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