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Combining Ocean Freight and Inland Transportation for logistics efficiency

Inland transportation is a key partner to ocean freight. The transport combination guarantees you efficiency and potentially better deals because you don’t have to deal with many logistics suppliers.

Anna-Sophia Metzel, 14 May 2021

Written by: Krissy Van Niekerk, Peter MacKenzie & Anna-Sophia Metzel

Do you want to move freight from one location to another? Are you searching for a suitable transportation mode? The journey of your freight usually doesn’t end at the ports. For logistics to be efficient, they often require a combination of transport options, known as intermodal transport. That’s why we’ve added inland transportation to our logistics services.

It also generates more safety for your business, without involving any third parties. Moreover, you can decrease the transit time when booking with Twill as we are coordinating the transport internally, being supercharged by Maersk. Here, you can find out, why this transport mode could be perfect for your cargo and how you can easily book it on our platform. But first, let’s take a look at what this exactly means.

What is Inland Transportation?

Inland transportation covers all transport activities that go over land, i.e. all modes but air and maritime transport. Hence, it includes transport by road, rail, inland waterways (both passengers and goods) and pipelines (goods only).

Inland transportation is a key partner to ocean freight and with Twill, you get access to a range of quality intermodal services. You can simply add our Inland Transportation service to your ocean freight booking via our platform.

What are the different modes of Inland Transportation?

Depending on your location, one specific transportation mode will be the best for you. So, let’s look at the different transportation modes you can choose with Twill when adding Inland Transportation to your booking which we recommend you depending on your geographical location:

  • Truck: Freight trucking is a flexible end-to-end service, ideal for delivering containers over short to long distances across various geographic areas.

  • Rail: Rail coverage can accommodate your hauling needs at a higher capacity – and is perfect if you need to move your cargo fast.

  • Barge: Inland water transport by barge can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Your freight can access areas by barge, which are not accessible by large vessels.

To find the right transportation mode, trade lanes and prices, you can just create an account for free and simply get started. If you have more questions about our services, then you can find information in our FAQs or find more information about Inland Transportation on our dedicated service page.

What are the key advantages of Inland Transportation?

Now, you might ask yourself how exactly you can benefit from Inland Transportation. We have compiled the key advantages of this transportation mode for you:

  • Single point of contact: You don’t need to get in touch with multiple suppliers. We do the work for you as we have an extensive and flexible vendor network.

  • Simplified billing process: When booking Inland Transportation with Twill, you won’t get separate bills, but everything will be included in your bill of lading, i.e. one invoice for ocean freight and drayage services. This means improved ease of use for you.

  • Door-to-door services: You can book your cargo from warehouse to warehouse and ensure flexible and transparent end-to-end logistics.

  • Time-saving end-to-end process: You can simply add Inland Transportation to your ocean freight booking as well as Customs Services. Covering truck, rail and barge, our inland services are designed to get your goods to their final destination with fewer handovers and a simple end-to-end approach. This can create opportunities for your business to partner with Maersk-owned trucking companies.

  • Cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly services: Sustainability is important – both for us and our customers. We are focused on sustainability and we are developing solutions to limit our impact on the environment.

Entering the world of global trade also means understanding your roles and responsibilities in importing or exporting goods – and that requires an understanding of Incoterms. Incoterms are rules, that define the terms of trade for the sale of goods all around the world. Find more information here.

Where do I find prices or quotes for Inland Transportation?

With Twill, it’s really easy. You don’t need to request quotes and wait for several days. Just sign up on our platform – it’s completely free. After you log in to your account, you can start a new booking. When searching the origin and destination for your desired route, you can choose whether it is a port or door location. When selecting the date and moving to the next step, inland transportation will be already included in the instant pricing.

How can Twill help me with Inland Transportation services?

We are taking the stress out of booking your logistics services. Once you have added Inland Transportation to your booking door-to-door, we are responsible for getting the cargo out of the port. As we are supercharged by industry leader Maersk, we can utilize our strong network to get your cargo prioritized. So, Maersk’s trucks and other transportation modes deliver your cargo safely and timely to its destination.

"We know that the current market situation requires flexibility in your logistics. As a true logistics partner, Twill endeavors to provide logistics solutions that are not only timely but also flexible and reliable. This means leveraging our wide network of 200+ trucking vendors, our team of intermodal experts and our customer service partners to provide a service that meets your needs and helps you deliver your products to your customers."

Krissy Van Niekerk
Krissy Van Niekerk, Head of North America at Twill

Our team will find the best route and mode of transportation for your cargo, coordinating with your suppliers to make the process simple and efficient. And, of course, you can track your inland transport logistics easily online when booking with Twill. Find out more about this service on our dedicated service page and simply get started.

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