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Integrated Logistics Support and what it means for your business

As logistics models continue to advance, a common solution to optimise cost-effectiveness, efficiency and quality is integrated logistics.  
Read on to learn about the ins and outs of integrated logistics, how it’s differentiated from traditional logistics services and why it’s becoming so popular.  

Gabi Hadley, 03 January 2023

What is integrated logistics support? 

The meaning of integrated logistics is very similar to that of traditional logistics; however, there’s a key difference between the two. 

Integrated logisticsis where a number of departments are integrated and collaborate at every step of the logistics process. Integrated logistics often includes numerous areas of a single business, such as: 

  • Production  

  • Marketing  

  • Supply 

As the success of integrated logistics increases, the popularity and adoption of this logistics service has increased to the point that it’s beginning to replace or complement traditional logistics for most businesses.  Building upon this service, integrated logistics support is when a company outsources their logistics management to a third party who is an expert integrated logistics provider, such as Twill.  

How integrated logistics support helps SMEs thrive ? 

Integrated logistics provides a more aligned and holistic approach to logistics. It allows companies to orient their business more effectively and cohesively towards its logistics solution. It has become an imperative element of overall success in business operations. 

Integrating departments on your logistics approach can offer a range of benefits crucial to the growth of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). These include: 

  • Faster processing times  

  • Reduced production costs  

  • Improved customer service  

  • Increased agility and flexibility  

  • Greater business competitiveness 

Another advantage for SMEs is that these benefits of integrated logistics are more accessible for small to medium enterprises than larger companies.With fewer departments,SMEs are more readily able to combinetheir workforce in a cohesive and organised way. As such, integrated logistics represents a reasonably simple way to improve logistics procedures. It also provides a competitive advantage against larger businesses where this integrated model may be harder to implement. 

How integrated logistics management works ?

Adopting integrated logistics is advantageous to SMEs, but knowing how to manage this approach is crucial to success.  

Integrated logistics management involves ongoing governance and monitoring of the departments being integrated. It also requires expertise around the subsequent logistics process to ensure it remains asefficient and cost-effective as possible. 

Integrated logistics providers offer expert integrated logistics management, which can include services such as:  

Twill has expertise across all these integrated logistics services, with logistics solutions designed to help SMEs thrive. 

Global integrated logistics services with Twill  

At Twill, we offer easy and reliable integrated logistics solutions all on an intuitive digital platform.These solutions are packaged with instant and transparent pricing, streamlining your process without any frustrating quote delays.  

When you use Twill, you gain integrated logistics support from our automated online service, along with ongoing assistance from trusted experts whenever needed. This not only helps you simplify your logistics process, but also gives you more time and opportunity to grow your business.   

Find out more about the logistics services Twill offers and how we can provide integrated logistics solutions tailored to your business. 

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