New solutions for a new age

Introducing our new direct phone line to keep you connected.

Keeping you connected

Twill has been built to put the needs of you and your business first. That’s why we’re continuously trying to simplify the way you do business with us. Our new phone solution is a one-stop solution to help you stay in touch with us.

What's new for you?

Now, there’s no need to go through a long manual selection menu or type in a personal pin code while reaching out to us. You will be directly connected to the relevant Twill contact without any hassle. Please check the new phone solution advisory sent to you by your Twill contact to find out about the launch date.


A range of benefits, and just one number!

Direct Line

Our direct line service allows you to connect to your assigned Twill contact immediately. This means no waiting in line to get connected to the right person or going through long manual selection menu. This helps you save time and allows us to respond to your requests quickly.

Call back option

If your Twill contact is on another call or is currently unavailable, you have the option to request a call back. This will initiate an automatic call back as soon as your agent is available.

Back-up team

If you have a question which does not require the assistance of your assigned Twill contact, you can choose to get connected to a back-up team instead. They will help you with all the information you need right away.

Immediate Feedback

Our new phone solution allows you to rate our service after every call. You can also give us valuable feedback after a call. To do this, simply stay on the line after the call and you will be directed to our post-call survey. This will help us steadily improve our service.

We hope that you take advantage of our new Phone Solution and that it helps simplify the way you communicate with us. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your assigned Twill contact.