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10th October 2017

How to Twill a new Country?

October 10, 2017 – On September 2nd, I was sitting in the car of a colleague in Bilbao, Spain. I missed out on taking in the beautiful scenery because I had my laptop open, doing a final check for the potential customer we were on our way to visit. My plan for the meeting was []

4th October 2017

Building Tech organization in a new country

October 4, 2017  – For more than 10 years I was responsible for building technical teams from scratch for several companies. All of those were great successes. Teams has been formulated (from 0 to 25 , 40, and 60 team members). All processes for the software development have been established and implemented (including CI/CD pipelines, []

Company Stories
28th September 2017

Completely Twilled

September 28, 2017 – Twill is a start-up aiming to make shipping simple for the customer. An important quest as the current customer experience from buying freight is all but impressive. However, how is it running a company that is trying to shake up a Legacy (yes, capital ‘L’) industry? And how is it to []

14th April 2017

Now available to UK customers

Twill went live to the public on April 10th! Last week, we had three great days at Multimodal where we unveiled our new digital platform. We engaged with many interested visitors, logistics providers and journalists, and we received good feedback and ideas for further improvement. From this week onwards, our platform is open to new []

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