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A Day in the Life of the Twill Sales Team

At Twill we want to show you how we work on a day to day basis – and our Day in the Life blog series was started with this in mind. We’ve already seen blogs from our Import and Export customer care teams and now it’s the turn of our sales team! A day in []

10 April 2018

At Twill we want to show you how we work on a day to day basis – and our Day in the Life blog series was started with this in mind. We’ve already seen blogs from our Import and Export customer care teams and now it’s the turn of our sales team!

A day in the life of a sales person in Twill is never identical – every day is different to the last – but we asked Mariló Valero, Business Development Manager at Twill based in Spain, to give us an insight into what an average day might look like for her:

8:00am – Getting started

“The life of a sales executive isn’t for those who enjoy routine; as every day is unique. However if you enjoy a diverse job then it’s perfect! I always start the day right at 8am with a cup of coffee – the coffee at Twill is pretty great!

“My first scheduled meeting usually starts around 9:30 am or 10:00 am, so if driving distance is not too long, then I have some time to check my emails – especially those from my colleagues based in Asia which we receive overnight or very early in the morning, Spanish time. After catching up on my messages I check my route for the day and start the trip.”

10:00 am to 14:00 pm – Meetings with customers

“The bulk of my day is dedicated to meeting with potential new customers – and this is where the diversity of my job comes in, because of course every customer is different and has their own needs which we have to do our best to meet.

“A standard meeting with a new customer starts with the usual greetings and conversations. These are just as important as anything else in my meeting, as they create the right atmosphere and are that first impression that the customer will have of Twill. I then ask the customer what are the main pain points they face in their daily work related to freight forwarding. The usual answers include lack of visibility and accurate information about arrival dates, too much paperwork, too many contact people in different departments involved, etc.

“This is when Twill’s four value propositions come into place! After a short explanation I always find the most effective way to sell Twill is simply to show them the demo and leave them to explore it for a while – hands on! Ideally, before we meet a customer, we will create a profile for them and upload rates so that if we’re lucky enough and the customer wants to start a new booking right on the spot – we can do it. This of course depends on a number of factors – a competitive rate, the customer having some cargo ready at origin etc.

If we aren’t able to do anything on the day then I always try to leave with the customer willing to try Twill as soon as possible and take note of what’s needed to get them on board on a permanent basis. I’ll then follow up with them in the future – because as sales people, we need to be persistent and keep the momentum!”

15:00pm to 16:00pm – Weekly sales reviews

“After an hour’s lunch, I am ready to share (via Skype) any relevant issue with my sales colleagues in Spain. We learn a lot from each other, and we all try to be driven by best practice across the North, Centre and South of Spain. It is important to share success, and we do!

“On a weekly basis, we are provided with a summary of new Twill customers, number of bookings and number of new or existing accounts. We then review our retention ratios and why some have not booked in Twill for a number of weeks. The reasons are different in each case: sometimes we are not price competitive at this moment, there is a new feature required and not yet available in the platform, or simply they are not having shipments.

“If Product involvement is needed regarding new features, the issue is raised with Twill’s Head of Growth and there is always a permanent dialogue among departments to check feasibility and see that if we can make improvements then we will.”

16:00pm to 18:00pm – Processing information gathered, sending rate or credit requests and scheduling new visits

“As I come towards the end of my day I will make sure all my visits have been logged in our CRM system, as well as new opportunities identified during the meetings. I also use this system to follow progress of existing opportunities, pushing them forward to the next status. The statuses we use range from: Identify – Qualify – Present Value Proposition – Negotiate Terms – Close Won or Lost (hopefully won!)

“Some customers work with credit days for payments so that needs to be properly channeled to our Finance department. As well as this, if any ad hoc rate is required then our Procurement department has to be informed and provided with targets and volumes.

“I need to make phone calls to schedule meetings for the coming days, gathering info whenever possible to fill out the Twill onboarding form so that profiles are created by our Customer Care team before the meetings. And last but not least, it is important to end the day knowing what your agenda is for the next day, in terms of visits, so I take a moment to have a quick final overview before I head home!”

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