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Twill signs partnership with KITA in Korea to support SMEs with global trade

With current supply chain disruptions challenging SMEs worldwide, Twill has entered a partnership with the Korean International Trade Association KITA to support local SMEs in trading globally.

Anna-Sophia Metzel, Yutaek Lim, 13 June 2022

Currently, supply chain disruptions are affecting almost all industries worldwide. The recent lockdown of Shanghai and the Ukraine-Russia conflict has made inland transportation difficult, and ocean freight and global logistics have experienced disruptions.

As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have signed delivery contracts with global brands, struggle to supply them as inventories at consumer goods factories run out. Moreover, SMEs are suffering from a shortage of freight space and container shortages.

Twill partners up with KITA to improve the complex logistics situation for Korean SMEs

At Twill, we believe in the importance of SMEs in international trade – and that local small businesses deserve the chance to access global trade while benefitting from it and growing their business.

That's why we have signed a partnership with KITA (the Korean International Trade Association) in Korea as of 1 May 2022. Twill provides a one-stop-shop service, delivering freight with end-to-end logistics services. Meanwhile, SMEs are equipped with a loading priority (an equipment and space prioritization).

With this collaboration, we aim to alleviate the pain of Korean SMEs in today's complex logistics environment. The joint KITA & Twill project supports export operations for Korean SMEs with more than 300 major ports in over 150 countries such as the USA, Germany, Mexico and many others.

As uncertainties and risks in logistics have been growing recently, KITA will continue to do its best to support SMEs moving forward. Our partnership with Twill is the first of its kind to collaborate with a foreign shipping company. I am confident that this agreement will serve as a good opportunity to expand our cooperation in the future.

Lee Joon-Bong, Head of the Logistics Support Team

More knowledge of export and import work for KITA's SME members moving forward

In addition, SMEs will gain more knowledge of export and import work by securing visibility through Twill's cargo tracking service and Maersk expertise.

KITA counts 70,000 registered members who can now benefit from Twill's end-to-end logistics services and digital platform until the end of 2022.

Representatives from both KITA and Twill North-East Asia were present at the face-to-face signature of the MOU (Memorandum of understanding) on 22nd May at the KITA Trading Tower in Seoul, South Korea:

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