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Twill – A new logistics service for a new way of working

If you have been following our social media or visiting our website, recently you will have noticed something – change. That’s right, we are proud to be launching our new brand and website that showcases our new vision and change is the keyword because it is built around you – the change-makers of the world.

16 April 2020

Change is a chance to move forward, to progress and do better, to grow and flourish. When Twill originally launched in 2017, with just one trade lane, we had the sole purpose of disrupting the logistics industry – cracking the code of digital logistics to ensure all customers could receive excellent service regardless of size.

We are proud of how far we’ve come since then but starting-up is just the first step in getting going; we know you understand this as well as anyone and in 2019 we saw an opportunity to change – to grow and progress. We took the decision that we could better serve a key segment of the market – entrepreneurial businesses – the change-makers! – by building an offer that suits their specific needs.

A partner you can trust

We know you need a partner to overcome the challenges you face and by making this change we can focus on what is most important – you – our customers. You’re the people changing industries, pioneering innovations, keeping economies ticking and most importantly working hard doing what you love.

Everything about Twill is now built around you, from our solutions, services and our platform – to the promises we make to customers and the magic we bring to the process. To us, you’re the rockstar, we’re the roadie – we put you in the spotlight every day and enable you and your business to get where you want to be.

Our solution – we can ship door-to-door to and from 154 countries and we give you instant prices and full transparency, so you can make the decision that’s best for your business.

Our platform – it’s easy and it’s intuitive. You can go from signing-up to placing a booking in moments – all while keeping your documents online in one place so you never miss a thing.

Our promise – is simple – full transparency between the supplier, buyer and us. We let you track and trace your cargo on its journey, keep you proactively informed and provide workflow tools to keep on top of deadlines and tasks.

Our magic – is what makes us special. We’ve got our passionate, award-winning Twillers ready to help your business flourish. They’re experts in this and they’re available 24/7 in 30 different languages.

Sign-up on Twill

Super-charged by Maersk

All of this is made possible through our super-charged partnership with Maersk. As a single carrier option, we are able to give the attention, care and flexibilities that SMEs crave, while tapping into Maersk’s global scale and reach to make change happen.

This is driven by our belief that small is the new big and through Maersk, we are able to do things like guarantee loading – meaning that we only book what we can load. So, if you book with us, you get the same service and priority as the world’s biggest brands and at no extra cost.

So, why now?

It’s always a good time to get better, but we recognised the rising force of SMEs and entrepreneurs in driving the global economy. You are the quiet fuel that keeps the fire burning.

It was this that drove our shifting focus from purely digitising freight forwarding to providing a personalised service to meet the specific needs of our customers – all powered by real, passionate, experienced people behind the scenes – and the screens!

We want a world where products and services can flow freely – and we know that you, the change-makers, want a new way of working.  Our aim is to be your partners in that journey – so you can trade anywhere in the world, anytime, without having to be a logistics expert.

So, get in touch with us today and let’s get started!

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