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We simplify your supply chain through our intuitive platform, while shipping your goods around the world. Because at Twill we think you and your business deserve to feel the excitement of going global, regardless of size.

*Please note, all shown prices are an estimated average. The prices shown do not include added costs but only the available ocean rate for a 40ft container, dry.
To find precise prices for your searched route, date and container type, just sign up to our platform.

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How Twill works

Easy booking

Simply create an account, fill in your preferred tradeline and when you like to have to delivered and you’re all set.

Upload documents

No more paperwork, simply use our dashboard to upload and store your important shipment documentation.

Track and trace

Track your shipment against key milestones, so you stay up to date on the status of your cargo all the time.

More benefits of shipping with Twill

  • Easy booking
  • Instant Pricing
  • Hassle-free paperwork
  • Track and trace
  • Analyse data

Easy booking

Book freight shipments in just a few minutes through our simple, intuitive platform –regardless of your logistics experience!

Instant and transparent pricing

Get flexible and competitive prices on the spot or in advance,
as well as cost breakdown - so no surprises there and you
can make the right decision for your cargo.

Hassle-free paperwork

Upload and access your ocean freight documents and approve suppliers to initiate bookings – so you can finally lose those lengthy email chains.

Track and trace

Track your cargo on every step of its journey – because Twill is built on transparency between you, your business partners and us.

Collect and analyse data

Create reports quickly and simply, so you can make the most of your data and make informed decisions about your supply chain.

Customers reviews

What other are saying about Twill

I think Twill is a very good platform for the exporter & importer, we were totally dependent on the forwarders who take undue advantage of us. I appreciate the kind services offered by Twill and support on our shipments.
3 Ace International
Sachin Katiyar
We rate the Twill support and service during COVID-19 as one of the best services amongst all shipping lines.
Kikani Exports

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