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What is logistics management?

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), executing effective logistics solutions is crucial to achieving international growth. In this article, we explore what logistics management involves, the different types of logistics and how you can benefit from expert international logistics services with Twill. 

Editorial team, 10 julho 2023

What is meant by logistics? 

Put simply, the term logistics means the entire process of transporting goods from A to B, and all the individual procedures that happen before, during and after that journey. Logistics involves managing, acquiring, storing, distributing and delivering goods to a desired destination. 

Logistics in business generally refers to how goods are moved and distributed along the supply chain. Having a successful, secure, and operational logistics service is imperative to business growth and overall success.  

What is logistics management?

Logistics management involves overseeing your supply chain to ensure effective transportation and storing of goods, and making sure this process is as simple, smooth, and secure as possible. It also requires organising and facilitating all the necessary tasks, procedures, and services, such as:  

  • Ocean freight — Shipping your cargo in containers.

  • Inland transportation — Taking your cargo inland from port to door via truck, rail or barge. 

  • Customs clearance services — Managing and fulfilling the legal requirements levied by governments when importing goods into a country, including specific documentation, labelling and customs duty.  

What is a logistics company?  

Logistics companies, such as Twill, specialise in providing and managing logistics services for other businesses. Outsourcing your logistics can grant you access to:  

  • Expertise — Logistics procedures are often complex and have continuously evolving rules and regulations, so having access to industry expertise enables a more efficient and secure logistics strategy. 

  • Optimising your costs — Logistics companies can often better optimise your logistics costs with optimal delivery and shipping resources. 

  • Improving your customer service — Optimising your logistics strategy with an expert provider will likely improve your delivery times and range of delivery options for your customers. 

  • Scalability — Outsourcing your logistics provides more flexibility when it comes to upscaling your operations. This can be particularly important for SMEs looking to grow. 

  • Time Outsourcing your logistics gives you more time to focus on your own core competency and growing your business.  

Expert logistics with Twill 

At Twill, we specialise in providing end-to-end logistics services. We’re passionate about helping SMEs grow by streamlining your logistics with tailored solutions, so that you're free to focus on the important stuff.

Combined with local expertise and global experience, our digital platform is an easy and efficient tool for shipping your goods around the world. It simplifies logistics with up-to-date notifications and actions, while also providing clear views of shipping schedules and instant pricing that speeds up your logistics process. 

Sign up today and start exploring.

What is a third-party logistics (3PL) company? 

Third-party logistics providers, such as Maersk, go one step beyond taking care of your transportation needs. They also provide additional services to coordinate booking, documentation, warehousing, and packaging. 

Did you know that Twill is transitioning to the Maersk brand in 2023? Joining the Maersk brand means we can bring you our combined expertise, products, and services — all under one roof. And that means you'll get access to award-winning 3PL services.

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