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What is Road Haulage?

Read on to learn more about the advantages of road haulage and how it can help SMEs achieve international growth.

Gabi Hadley, 15 fevereiro 2023

What is Road Haulage?

Establishing a successful, efficient and secure logistics strategy is pivotal to all businesses that require transporting goods. It’s equally important to choose a logistics provider that offers a combination of transportation options for your needs, including ocean shipping, train freight and road haulage. 

A common and popular option of cargo transportation for many businesses is road haulage transport. Road haulage refers to the transportation of goods via road in large vehicles or trucks. Road haulage can provide local, domestic or international transportation, so no matter where you’re shipping to, using road haulage services along with other transportation options could be a good choice for you.  

Advantages of Road Haulage 

The success of road haulage services largely depends on your specific business and transportation needs. However, with that in mind, road haulage transport does have numerous benefits that can be advantageous to all businesses. 

These benefits include:  

  • Affordability – trucks tend to be a cheaper form of transport than other modes, such as ships, so road haulage is known as the cheapest type of freight transport.   

  • Availability - as the most common form of freight transport, road haulage is readily available and accessible. 

  • Speed – although transportation via road is not the fastest mode of transport, the speedy preparation and loading times and the agility of road haulage make it very efficient for short to medium distances.  

  • Flexibility –road haulage offers much more flexibility when it comes to scheduling times, capacity and delivery options. 

  • Paperwork – paperwork required for road haulage is much more minimal and simpler than other transport options. 

  • Road haulage tracking–road haulage tracking is available and traceable at every step of the process, so you can locate your goods throughout their journey. 

  • International reach– road haulage transport is available internationally, due to the extensive road networks and routes available across the globe. 

Road Haulage Services 

Road haulage services refer to the different road transport services provided by road haulage, or more generally, logistics companies. Road haulage services denote all parts of the road transportation of your cargo, including loading, tracking and delivery.  

Using a road haulage company enables you to leverage their industry expertise and influence to unlock extra benefits, including:  

  • Access to extensive routes and road networks 

  • Variable fleet of vehicles to suit your cargo 

  • Industry know-how and expertise  

  • Vast network of drivers 

  • Access to cheaper overall costs 

  • Single point of contact  

Logistics providers, such as Twill, can also provide other inland transport options that may also suit your business needs. Using an expert logistics company means you can use various modes of inland transportation simultaneously and cohesively to get the best and most efficient end-to-end logistics for your business. For example, road haulage is generally used for final destination delivery and this can be combined with rail freight or inland water transport for greater efficiency and sustainability, due to this road haulage is not available as a standalone service from Twill.  

Road Haulage and Inland Transportation with Twill  

Twill is a road haulage and logistics company designed to help SMEs grow internationally by providing expert global logistics. Part of this is inland transportation services, which include road haulage, along with rail freight and inland water transport. 

Twill’s trusted road freight services offer international transportation of goods, and guarantee your cargo reaches its destination securely and efficiently. Twill’s comprehensive logistics services also offer logistics tracking, customs clearance guidance and alternative transportation modes, such as ocean freight

 At Twill, we do the work for you by automatically integrating the specific logistics transport to suit your supply chain, delivering optimum flexibility, efficiency and ease. All our logistics services are available with our instant pricing model, reducing time spent on weekly or monthly quoting and providing absolute transparency. 

With global experience and local expertise, Twill’s inland transportation services mean you find the best, bespoke logistics solution for your SME. Enjoy hassle-free road haulage when you choose to ship with Twill.  

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