Gerenciamento de embarques

Will I be able to see my deadlines?

Throughout the shipment journey, there will be a sequence of tasks and deadlines that both you and your partner need to pay attention to and make sure certain tasks are being taken care of timely. We alert you proactively once deadlines are closing in and you can of course always log in to the platform to go through your shipments deadlines at any given time.

Track and Trace

What will happen if deadlines are changed?
Should any deadlines or timelines change to your shipments you will be kept up-t...
What happens if my bookings are delayed?
Should the event occur that there is going to be a delay in your shipment's plan...
Will I be able to see my deadlines?
Os prazos das embarcações estão disponíveis em
How often will the milestones be updated?
We strive to give you the most up-to-date status of your shipment at all times, ...
How many milestones is Twill tracking?
Based on the transportation length you wish to book we will display up to 9 mile...
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