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Customs Clearance Broker Services

You can rely on a Customs Broker from Twill

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What is a customs clearance broker or agent?

A customs clearance broker, or a customs agent, facilitates the transportation of goods by acting as an intermediary between the shipper and the government.[BS1] A customs clearance agent (or broker) is responsible for arranging and managing the entire customs clearance process, from start to finish. This includes checking documentation and ensuring the correct duty and tax is paid and all regulations are met.

Do you need a customs broker ?

Do you need a customs broker?

You can enjoy a stress-free shipping experience with a customs clearance broker. Our expert customs agents specialise in arranging and facilitating the process of customs clearance by ensuring your shipment meets all necessary requirements and regulations and avoids delays or returns.

Our experts have experience dealing with local governments around the world. They can help you navigate evolving rules and regulations, including changes post-Brexit and customs regulations in Asia-Pacific destinations.

How much do customs brokers charge?

How much do customs brokers charge?

Customs brokers charges can vary depending on where you source your customs broker, the type of shipment and where you're sending your goods. It's important to always use trusted, certified customs clearance partners, to ensure your shipment is in safe hands. It's important to note that shipments can incur extra customs clearance charges through required duties and taxes.

With Twill, you can find expert customs brokers at affordable rates. You can also access this experience digitally through our intuitive and adaptive logistics platform. Create a Twill account today for access to our customs brokers and services.

Our Custom Clearance Services at Twill also include

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Import Customs Clearance

Discover how Twill can assist you with clearing in-bound goods through borders around the world.

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Export Customs Clearance

Find out how Twill can help you gain permission to export goods across international borders.

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Customs Clearance Documents

Learn what customs clearance documentation you need to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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Customs Duty

Learn how Twill ensures you're paying the required customs duty and not being overcharged.

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What are Customs Charges?

Learn all about customs charges, when they might be applicable and how you can reduce them.

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