Customs Clearance Documents

Customs Clearance Documents

Twill can help you prepare the necessary documentation for a smooth and secure customs clearance procedure. Enjoy the peace of mind of having the right customs clearance documents for your shipment when you partner with Twill.
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Global knowledge

Our digital platform provides customs clearance documents information in over 150 global destinations.

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Precise documentation

We ensure absolute precision and care when compiling your customs documentations.

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Efficient process

Enjoy more time to spend on your business when you leave the documentation process with Twill.

Customs Clearance Documents

Customs Clearance Documents handled online and on time

Customs documents

What documents do I need for customs clearance?

There are various documents required for customs clearance, depending on the goods you are shipping and the country you're shipping from and to, such as US customs documents.

We've included some additional information on some common customs documents as examples; the actual documentation required for your specific customs clearance may differ.

T1 Customs Document
The T1 customs document is a shipping note required when transporting goods into the EU or for transit of goods within the EU. It's also required in order to carry non-EU goods within the EU territory.
EAD Customs Document
The EAD customs document stands for Export Accompanying Document. An EAD serves as proof from a customs office that your export is admissible.

EX-A Customs Document
An EX-A customs document is an export document, required if you want to export goods to countries outside the EU. It is needed for any shipment that has been produced in the EU and is leaving the EU.

SAD Customs Document
An SAD customs document stands for Single Administrative Document and is used for customs declarations in the EU and other European countries. It's required for EU countries to trade with non-EU countries and non-EU goods to be transported within the EU.

ATR Customs Document
An ATR customs document stands for Admission Temporaire Roulette. It is a certificate required for the movement of goods between EU and Turkey. It certifies that the goods have been brought into circulation in either EU or Turkey so have already gone through all import procedures.

T2 Customs Document
A T2 customs document is a type of shipping note. It allows goods previously in customs union to be moved without having to clear customs again and pay duty.

Customs documentation and labelling

Best practice for Customs Clearance documentation and labelling

When it comes to customs documentation and labelling, it's important you understand exactly what’s required for your shipment. If you miss something that's required for customs clearance, you can face potential delays or returns.

Twill helps you access the right documentation and labelling for your shipments. Our logistics platform and expert support offers stress-free customs clearance documentation and ensures your shipment clears customs as efficiently as possible.

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