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Import Customs Clearance Services

Effortless and efficient Import Customs Clearance with Twill

What is Import Customs Clearance?

Import customs clearance is the processing of shipped goods into a specific country and fulfilling government requirements for the shipment to gain inbound release. The import clearance process typically involves the preparation of this necessary documentation, depending on the goods you're importing and the country you're importing into.

Typically, import customs clearance should take less than 24 hours, but incorrect or incomplete import documentation can cause delays. Avoid this by partnering with an experienced customs broker who can help make importing simple and efficient. Our digital platform offers invaluable guidance on import customs clearance. This includes navigating the import rules, regulations and documentation required for international shipping.

Documents required for import customs clearance

Documents required for import customs clearance

There are various documents required for importers that are essential for import customs clearance. Some of these include:

  • Packing list

  • Import licences

  • Company details of all parties involved, including your business

  • Number of import transactions

  • Your unique customs identification number

There are more required documents for import customs clearance and all of them may differ depending on the type of goods you're importing and the country you're importing from and to. This is why it's always beneficial to employ the services of an experienced customs broker who knows the ins and outs of customs clearance for specific countries.

What happens after import customs clearance is completed?

Once your import customs clearance is completed, your shipment has successfully gained permission to enter the country. Your shipment will then be passed onto your chosen courier to be transported to its final destination.

However, you can only clear customs once all your owed duties are paid. You can make this process simpler with Twill's Import Customs Clearance digital service. Find out more about customs duty and our logistics services below.

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