Simplify your supply chain with Inland Transportation

Your cargo’s journey never begins or ends at the port. When you’re shipping cargo, you want to get it transported from origin to destination. That’s why Twill offers Inland Transportation, enabling end-to-end shipping solutions to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and without complications.

What are Inland Transportation Services?

Getting your cargo to the right port or warehouse is just as crucial as getting it across the sea. That’s why we’ve added Inland Transportation to our integrated and end-to-end logistics service. Whether by road, rail or barge – our team will find the best route and mode of transportation for your cargo; coordinating with your suppliers to make the process simple and efficient.

With inland transportation, we now offer a full-service solution – covering the whole supply chain from door to port and port to door. With all your logistics in one place, you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your cargo is in the hands of a reliable partner.

Inland Transportation includes

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Provide flexible point-to-point service, delivering small loads over short to long distances via various geographic areas.


Offers the option to accommodate your hauling needs – at the capacity you want and with the fast pace you need.


Is another option to transport your goods via water service in areas which are not accessible by large vessels

The benefits of Inland Transportation with Twill

There are many benefits of shipping and booking inland transportation with Twill – here are just some of them

  • One point of contact

    Available 24/7, so you always know who to get in touch with for any issues, last-minute changes or other questions you might have.

  • Digitised processes

    Forget about paperwork and make use of our online tools to access instant, competitive pricing, shipping instructions, documentation and more.

  • Reach new markets across the globe

    With our Inland Transportation, we’re dedicated to giving you the global coverage you need, so you can reach nearly every local market in the world.

  • Improved reliability

    With teams of specialists ready to help optimize your supply chain, we can assist with everything from logistics queries to identifying areas of improvement in your supply chain.

  • Cost-efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint

    When you are shipping with us, you do your part for the environment, and save costs in the process.

How to select Inland Transportation

During Booking

In the first step of the booking process, you can select any of the following combinations to get inland transport included in the route searched

    1. Door-to-Door: includes inland transportation in both origin and destination
    2. Door-to-Port: includes inland transportation only in origin
    3. Port-to-Door: includes inland transportation only in destination

Post Booking

    1. Easiest way to do is through our platform
    2. Contact our customer care experts for assistance via:
      1. Our chat online, available 24/7 in 30 different languages
      2. Send us an email with your booking reference at

How to ship inland

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