Ocean freight with Twill - innovation backed by legacy

Ocean freight has long been essential to global trade. As a Maersk innovation, Twill is backed by over 100 years of Maersk’s logistics experience and with so much of what we buy traveling via ocean freight, shipping with us could be the key to taking your business global.

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Placing a booking with Twill takes just a few clicks, and you can access our platform on any device at any time. You can even add partners and suppliers to place a booking on your behalf.

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More flexible, more sustainable - with costs up front

With transparent freight rates in your chosen currency, our ocean freight service offers the biggest capacity for the best value. You’ll have all costs upfront, meaning there are no surprises when your cargo reaches its destination.

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Time on your side - and hassle-free paperwork!

With Twill we’ll guide you through every step of your cargo’s journey with our award-winning customer care available 24/7 and in 30 languages. When it comes to documentation, we’ll have it ready for you, all stored digitally in the platform, all in one place.

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