Train Freight

Efficient and reliable train freight across international rails

When you ship with Twill you can benefit from container rail freight and its transport around the globe. For efficient and effortless train freight, you can rely on Twill.
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Instant pricing model provides full transparency and saves your time.

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Intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform to manage and expedite your logistics process.

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Comprehensive logistics services covering all modes of shipping and automatically integrate different shipping modes.

Rail Freight Logistics

Train Freight is Made Simple with Twill

What is Rail Freight?

Rail freight is the transportation of cargo via railways or train. Freight trains can cover local, long-distance and international journeys but are commonly used for transporting significant and heavy freight over long distances.

Twill offers comprehensive rail freight services on international rails, so that you can make the most of rail freight transport no matter where you're shipping to. This is included as part of our comprehensive logistics service. You don't need to book it separately. If your goods need to be transported inland as part of your supply chain network, we'll map out road transport for you via the digital platform.

Advantages of Rail Freight Logistics with Twill

Transporting freight by rail is a popular choice and comes with numerous advantages. These include:

  • Cargo trains create less air pollution therefore more sustainable & eco-friendly

  • Railway freight avoids congestion, so is more efficient and reliable

  • Rail freight tracking means you can rely on secure and safe rail freight transportation

When you use Twill's rail freight services, you unlock even more benefits to facilitate your train freight journey, including access to an extensive rail network across the globe and our instant and transparent pricing model.

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